Going Green for the #PawNatural Challenge


We like to think that we live a pretty green lifestyle. Surrounded by a nature preserve for endangered birds, we’re really conscious of our impact on the environment. A creek flows through our property so we’re very aware of any runoff and use only natural lawn products. We drink well water filtered only by 400 feet of limestone, and we know that anything that goes on the ground has a good chance of getting into our water supply.

We’re extra cautious with pet products as well. We purchase natural pet food and use natural flea remedies whenever possible. As we’ve written about in the past, we use both diatomaceous earth and beneficial nematodes to keep fleas and ticks in check. In our very rural location (that’s shared by deer and coyotes), it’s not easy but those products do the job.

But, for all our efforts, we know that we could do more to live a greener lifestyle with our pets. For example, we’re converting our garden hoses to rubber which doesn’t have the plasticizers or UV stabilizers found in regular garden hoses. Many hoses are made from PVC and, to keep them flexible, many contain phthalates, substances that have been linked to issues ranging from behavioral problems in children to hormonal imbalances.

While we may know that we shouldn’t drink out of the garden hose, how many of us use a garden hose to fill up our dog’s outdoor water bowl? We have a large tub for the dogs to swim in during the summer that we fill from the hose–but now we’ll be filling it from a rubber garden hose instead!


We’d like to invite you to take the #PawNatural Challenge along with us this month in honor of the upcoming Earth Day! As we mentioned earlier this month, we’re reviewing some Only Natural Pet products that Pet360.com will now be carrying. We’ll be bringing you that review soon but the entire process has gotten us thinking about how we can live a more natural and green life with our pets!

What about you? What’s one thing you can consider changing in your life with your pets to live a greener lifestyle?

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  • had no idea about the issues like that with outdoor hoses! I will be sure to only give me dogs water from the house so this is good to know. i’m thinking of switching over to all natural flea and tick meds soon as well.