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This month, we’ve been been telling you about the Only Natural Pet products that will now be carrying.We interviewed the Only Natural Pet CEO, and we invited you to join us in a #PawNatural Challenge to think of even a small step you could take to put one paw forward in our efforts toward living a greener life with our pets.

Going Green With Our Pets

One way we can live a more natural life with our pets is by purchasing natural products. As we told you in previous posts, Only Natural Pet sells only natural products ranging from natural pet food to natural flea remedies. We had the opportunity to shop for some of the many Only Natural Pet products that will be sold by Pet360, searching for items that we felt our dogs and cats would need and enjoy.

Natural Pet Products

First on the list were Bully Sticks. Our Irie LOVES to chew but, after the removal of three teeth last year due to fractures, she no longer can have raw bones. She loves bully sticks but we don’t love the worries about where the product was made. We were so excited to see the Only Natural Pet Free Range Steer Sticks Dog Chews.


These are smaller than bully sticks (they’re made from steers, not bulls) but that means that we can treat the dogs more often without adding excessive calories to their diet. (Only Natural Pet also offers larger Bully Sticks as well.) They’re all made with free-range, grass-fed Brazilian cattle; the cattle receive NO growth hormones and additives. The high-protein chew is 100 percent digestible, unlike most rawhide chews. (We stopped giving our dogs rawhide chews after they repeatedly swallowed the final portion of the chews, coughing up the remaining portion.)


Irie and Tiki both LOVED the Only Natural Pet steer sticks. As you know, this past Thursday and Friday I was traveling to Cincinnati for the “Love the Pet, Not the Mess” summit, and John was with the pets at home. Any time he takes me to the airport and returns without me, they get sad. John reported that he handed out the steer sticks for some happier pooches!


We also tried Only Natural Pet Green Beef Tripe Nibblets Pet Treats. If you’re familiar with tripe, you’re probably thinking of the white (bleached) tripe that’s sold in the grocery store and used to make menudo. This is GREEN tripe, made from the nutrient-rich fourth stomach of the cow, the¬†abomassum. This is where the digestion of all that plant matter takes place, hence the color. While you can’t buy green tripe at the grocery store like you can white tripe, you can find it sold for pets as supplements and treats. Like other Only Natural Pet products, this treat is developed by a holistic veterinarian to be biologically appropriate for cats and dogs.


Finally, we also received the Only Natural Pet Phero-Soothe Cat Herbal . (They make a similar product specially formulated for dogs.) These products are designed to replicate the scent of pheromones that a nursing mother would secrete, helping your pet feel safe and secure in times of stress, whether that’s due to a vet visit, thunderstorm, or new pet (or human) in the house. We use the product by spraying it on a microfiber cloth and placing the cloth near where the cats lie, in their crate for a vet visit, etc.

A big paws up for the Only Natural Pet products sold by!

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