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As you all know, we love to look for ways to save money on pet care while, at the same time, providing a healthy, happy lifestyle to our pets. With two dogs and four cats in our home, we’re always looking for ways to keep the budget on a short leash without sacrificing quality or safety. (In fact, we love this topic so much that we wrote a whole book–Barkonomics: Tips for Frugal Fidos–on the subject!)

May is National Pet Month, a time to pamper our pets just a little extra (because, let’s face it, we pamper them every day, right?) Whether your idea of pampering is a new bed, bowl, or ball, it’s so much fun to find items that are affordable, unique, and that we know our pets will love.

Tuesday Morning, over 800 stores that feature unique products at low prices, has long been known as a great place for home decor, luggage, toys, and more–but did you also know they have an extensive pet section?

Today we headed to just one of our local Tuesday Morning stores to check out the selection. Here’s a look at some of my favorite finds:

The selection in the store was excellent, from toys…

…to vacuums and cleaning tools…


…to pet fashion (like these clothes from Isaac Mizrahi)…


…to pet beds (always one of my favorite buys!)


What did we buy for our pets at Tuesday Morning?

We visited several of our local stores (and found a different selection at each), shopping for fun and functional items for our dogs and cats. (Check the Store Locator on for locations in your area.)

Just what did we buy?

One of my favorite buys were memory foam dog mats! Machine washable, these are great for senior pets…and great to use in car or crate, too. And I loved the new crate mats we bought (and Tiki loved them so much she was on them before we got the labels off!) Next week, we’re using ours in the back of the car when we take Irie and Tiki to the beach!


We love interactive toys, too, to challenge dogs to work for their treats; they love the thrill of the “hunt” and this Pooch Treat Ball was a big favorite with Irie!


Of course, we couldn’t forget the cats! Seven-month-old Lucky headed straight to the Booda Cat Scratch Wheel, a Petmate product (you’ll remember I was on their Advisory Panel late last year so I love these products!)¬† The spinning wheel and many textures of this toy kept Lucky entertained a long while (and that’s no small feat!)


We also bought several Play ‘n Squeak toys which have a real mouse sound…another big hit!


To see Irie, Tiki, Coco, Linus, Lucky, and Inca checking out more of the Tuesday Morning goods, be sure to check the Tuesday Morning May is Pet Month Pinterest board!

How much money did we save at Tuesday Morning?

So just how much did we save? Here’s a look at just a few of our purchases and how the Tuesday Morning prices compare to prices in traditional stores:

  • a Pet Buddies treat ball, regularly $14.99 but we just paid $5.99!
  • USA-made Nylabone Joint – Joint Health Rawhide treat bag priced at $6.99 in other stores but we just paid $2.99
  • NERF Tuff Tug football toy, regularly priced at $14 in other stores, we paid just $5.99
  • Play-N-Squeak¬†interactive cat toy for just $3.99 at Tuesday Morning (compared to $9.99 regular price!)
  • Booda interactive cat toy for just $9.99 compared to $21.99
  • Aspen Pet crate mats, $19.99 in other stores for just $4.99!

The stores even feature special clearance items with even deeper discounts, including many name brand pet products:


We give Tuesday Morning a big paws up for helping pet parents save money and pamper their pets at the same time!

Psst…stay tuned for three great Tuesday Morning giveaways starting on Thursday!

For More Information

We are working with Tuesday Morning to share pet products with our readers. As always, we only share products that we use with our own pets.

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