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Earlier this week I told you that I’m off to Las Vegas for the annual BlogPaws conference on Wednesday. As much as I’d love to take Irie and Tiki, the drive is three days each way but, most especially, John needs to stay close to home because of health concerns with three of his elderly relatives right now. He really needs to be here to take care of any problems that arise so he’ll be caring for the dogs and cats while I’m away.

But, nonetheless, I want to be able to know how active the dogs are while I’m gone. I’ll be testing the new Whistle canine activity device, sold exclusively at PetSmart, on Irie while I’m gone. This unit, which sells for $129.95 (with free shipping), is much like human activity tracking devices that let you know how you’re doing on your fitness goals. Rather than wearing it on your wrist, the Whistle attaches to your dog’s collar.

The unit is small so even a little dog could wear it comfortably:


The unit comes with three parts:

  • the Whistle
  • a clip for your dog’s collar
  • a USB charging dock

Setup is quick and easy. First, I plugged the unit in my computer; the red light indicates it’s charging:


Next, I attached the clip to Irie’s collar. When the unit was charged, I popped it into the clip. Finally, I downloaded an app for my iPhone. The app is available for any iOS (6.1 or greater) or Android (4.0.3 or greater) device. After syncing up the device and my phone with Bluetooth, I was ready!

Whistle lets you know how active your dog is, showing just how much time per day is spent on play, rest, and walking. By setting fitness and activity goals, you can log in and see how your dog is progressing.

I’m also very interested in the ability to see how Irie’s doing while I’m away. Whistle will use our Wi-Fi to sync data to the cloud and send it to my phone while I’m gone. I can also pair John’s iPhone with the Whistle via Bluetooth.  Whistle can also be connected to other Wi-Fi networks if John takes the dogs out for the day while I’m gone.

Watch for my Whistle updates while I’m at BlogPaws as I check in on Irie while I’m traveling to make sure she’s staying on track for her fitness goals. In the meantime, visit the Whistle site for more information and follow on Facebook and Twitter, too!

We received a Whistle for our review; all statements and opinions are entirely our own.

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