#FueltheLove on Your Doggie Day Trips


We love day trips. When time and budget restraints make a lengthy vacation out of reach, a day trip can be just the ticket. Through the years, we’ve made day trips not just an amusement but a profession; our very first book and our longest running book in print, updated now over a dozen times, was one on day trip travel.

But if there’s one thing better than a day trip, it’s a doggie day trip! We absolutely love to take Irie and Tiki on our day trips whenever possible. Most of our day trips involve active travel, and the dogs love to accompany us.

We fuel that active travel with treats. When we stop for a pick-me-up treat for ourselves, we know it’s time for a little energy break for Irie and Tiki, too!


We also use treats–a lot of treats–in our training. As you know, Irie is a fearful dog. She has come a long, long way but, like a shy person, will always remain somewhat hesitant of new situations.

As a result, we use training treats to ease Irie into new situations such as those we encounter on day trips. While she feels no anxiety when visiting parks or taking a swim, the sudden roar of a jet ski or honking of horns can cause her to be uncomfortable. We always work to relax her in those situations, staying calm, and providing treats to show her that those situations can be good!

But we’re careful not to give out just any treat! We have some important criteria for all treats we give Irie and Tiki:

  • We want treats made in the USA.
  • We want treats whose ingredients are sourced in the USA with just a few exceptions, like venison from New Zealand.
  • Irie and Tiki have to love the treats! For the treats to be effective training treats, they need to be extra yummy!

One of our favorites–and Irie and Tiki’s–is Zuke’s. Made in the USA, these treats accompany many of our day trips. They’re easy to carry, easy to break into small training treat sizes, and both Irie and Tiki will sit up and beg for them!


Created from USA-sourced ingredients (the exceptions are venison and rabbit from New Zealand), the Zuke’s treats are definitely a day trip favorite in our house. We especially love the Hip Action treats, ones made with glucosamine (derived from shellfish), chondroitin (beef-based), wholefood antioxidants, and eggshell membrane. Irie and Tiki love this flavor as well…although they’re also crazy about Mini Naturals, Jerky Naturals, and Z-Filets!

If you’d like to give Zuke’s USA-made natural treats a try, please be sure to attend Sunday night’s #FueltheLove Twitter party from 8-9pm ET. We’ll be giving out over $750 in treats in the party giveaways (and the pre-party giveaways that you can enter now!) For all the details on the giveaways, visit our announcement post and see how you can share a photo of your active dog to raise $5 for The Dog and Cat Cancer Fund!

Be sure to check the Zuke’s Store Locator to see where you can purchase treats for your next day trip!

We are working with Zuke’s through our partnership in Event Barkers to produce this Twitter party and share product news with our readers. Prizes will be provided and shipped by Zuke’s. At DogTipper, we only share information we believe in. All opinions expressed herein are our own.


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