For Joint, Skin, and Gut Health: Vivamune Health Chews


In one more week, our dogs and cats will have completed a month on Vivamune Health Chews and we’ll be bringing you a full review. Created to provide a one-daily chew to assist with joint, skin, and gut health, these chews are made to be tasty. Instead of wrestling your pet to administer a vitamin, you’re just handing out a tasty treat!


We were especially interested in the treats for Irie’s itching and for the coat on our 10-month-old kitten Lucky. We’ll bring you the complete results in our full review but I can already say this: we have really liked the results we’ve seen so far…and all the pets have loved the taste of the chews. (Taste isn’t a big factor for Irie–she loves everything–but Lucky and our other cats are picky eaters, even when it comes to treats!)

Before next week’s review, we wanted to give you a rundown of these chews and answer some questions that we’d received on social media and at a booksigning earlier this month:

Can puppies and kittens take Vivamune?

Yes, puppies over six weeks old can take Vivamune. Our kitten Lucky is 10 months old and takes these chews every day to help his coat. When we adopted him, he had very (very!) thin fur which then grew thinner around his ears.

Where are these chews made?

In the USA.

What are the ingredients in the chews?

Each of the chews includes contains these active ingredients: Vivamune’s Carotenoid Blend, Altatrene™ β-carotene (the pigment that makes carrots and many other vegetables orange), and Lycotene™ lycopene (the pigment found in tomatoes and other vegetables).

How many chews do dogs eat per day?

Vivamune makes both Small Dog and Large Dog chews. Dogs from 2-10 pounds get 1/2 of a Small Dog chew while 11-25 pounds get 1 Small Dog chew. For 26-50 pound dogs, 1/2 of a Large Dog chew is provided daily. Dogs the size of Irie and Tiki (51-100 pounds) get 1 Large Dog chew daily while dogs larger than 100 pounds get 1 1/2 Large Dog chews daily.

Where can I buy Vivamune Health Chews?

Purchase directly from Vivamune at You can save $10 on your first Vivamune purchase (dog or cat) with coupon code DOGTIPPER.


Vivamune is a DogTipper sponsor. As always, we only share products that we believe in and use with our own dogs.

2-10lbs 1/2 chew daily 11-25 lbs 1 chew daily

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