Reader Review: Neater Feeder


Name of product I am reviewing: Neater Feeder

reader-reviews-badgeMy dog’s name:  Ran

What I liked about this product:  With five rescued Treeing Walker Coonhounds, our floors were constantly wet with regular water bowls. Our dogs are very sloppy drinkers. We also need multiple bowls of water available at all times. The Neater Feeder has managed to keep the bulk of spilled water off our floors.  I love not having to get out the mop every time one of our dogs got a drink of water.

What my dog liked about the product:  My pups (and cats) like always having fresh water available.  The cats, especially, like that they don’t have to walk around wet spots on the floor by the water dishes.

My name:  Urdchan in Indiana

Current Prices for Neater Feeder:

Photo courtesy Urdchan

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  • Irwin McNeely

    That looks very handy! My dog tends to slop water all over while drinking as well.

    • Ours do, too! I read a very interesting article recently that said dogs won’t do that with a liquid they perceive to be more valuable, like chicken soup. Interesting!

  • KellyPC

    It looks like a great idea, however that picture makes me sad. No one should have their food & water dish beside the pisser. I can understand needing to put water dishes on a tiled surface if you have sloppy drinkers but perhaps putting the dishes on a different wall or by the sink, not right beside the toilet. We put our pet dishes on a boot rack, it’s got low sides & can hold quite a bit of mess but it’s easy to pick up and sanitize once or twice a week.

  • Kim M

    That is a really good idea. I have my pugs drinking from a water bottle on their crates. They have squished faces so when they used a bowl they always getting it in the nose and eyes so I like using a big water bottle for them but if not I think this feeder is the way to go.