Review: Kurgo Loft Duvet Cover


Last month, we headed to the beach for a few days as we worked on a revision of one of our guidebooks. We made our home base in Port Aransas, a small community on Mustang Island.

As we all know, the beach means sand — and that sand gets just about everywhere, in spite of efforts to remove it from shoes and paws before leaving the beach. The cottage where we were staying doesn’t provide housekeeping (and, in fact, guests are required to sweep their cottage and remove all trash before checking out or risk being charged.)

To help cut down on sand tracking, we cleaned the dogs as best we could when we left the beach each day. The cottage was within walking distance of the beach, so the walk back helped remove loose sand somewhat (although drifts of sand along the sidewalk certainly gave them more chances to pick up a little extra sand on the trip home!)

Once we returned to the cottage, we encouraged Irie and Tiki to settle on their Kurgo Loft Duvet Cover, a dog bed duvet.  The cover is made with waterproof Microtomicâ„¢ Ripstop material and 140 msg Polytech fill. Lightweight (which made it easy to take outside and shake off the sand), the waterproof ripstop didn’t absorb water and made cleanup a breeze.


As you can see, the bed includes a small zippered pocket (where we stores a plush toy on the trip down). The machine washable cover has a large zipper for adding your favorite dog bed. Instead of bringing a bed along, though, we stuffed the duvet cover with dirty laundry. Not only did the duvet do double duty as our travel laundry hamper, but the scent of home (and us) was comforting to our dogs in a strange environment as well.

Along with the blue duvet cover, this cover is also available in green…


…and gray…


The cover is also available in two sizes: medium and large.

A big paws up for the Kurgo Loft Duvet Cover!


Kurgo is a DogTipper sponsor.

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