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Throughout the years, John and I have done a lot of construction projects together. John built our home long before we married but in the years since we’ve expanded our house, ripped out walls and siding, and literally redone every visible surface in the house, from sheetrock to flooring.


John does most (OK, I’ll be honest: nearly all) of the work while I act as carpenter’s helper, popping chalklines and holding levels and moving boards.

I’d never really done any projects larger than painting before we got married so I remember when we started the first project I was surprised by how LONG it takes to do a construction project. Even today, having seen many construction projects from start to finish, I’m surprised at the many, many steps it takes to get to the finished project.

CraftedlineupIt’s the same with cooking. We all that, when cooking from scratch, the process is slow — but that the results are worth it.

The last few months, we’ve written several posts about the new Hill’s Ideal Balance CRAFTED pet foods, ones made in small batches using slow cooking techniques, just like you’d use in your own kitchen. This carefully prepared food is formulated by veterinary nutritionists but prepared in small batches, much like the artisan foods that are so popular right now. Like a construction project, it’s a task that’s achieved in many small steps.

I know that you’ve probably seen artisan crafted foods at your local grocery store, in restaurants and certainly in farmers’ markets. Lovingly prepared, these foods use premium ingredients with slow cooking methods to create a unique product. The artisan crafted foods from Hill’s are much the same, combining ancient grains such as quinoa, buckwheat with vegetables such as sweet potatoes, barley and peas. Like other Ideal Balance foods, all are made in the US from only natural ingredients with NO corn, wheat or soy.

I think once you’ve enjoyed crafted foods — or crafted products yourself — you then want more! Right now we have several projects underway here, including a re-decking project on the back of the house that’s John’s working on right now.

I’ve been inspired on a smaller level, though. We have an outbuilding that we use for storage, and I’m painting it like a beach house! I’ve always loved the colorful houses in the Caribbean and on the US coast–and so I decided to take that look to our outbuilding! My new “beach house” will feature a different color on each side, with Jamaican red, green, and gold as well as DogTipper blue on one side. I’m very excited about using the colorful walls as photo backdrops for our PawZaar products but, in the meantime, have really been enjoying the process of painting and creating a totally different building from an unused outbuilding!

Create Your Own Raised Food Bowls!

Are you inspired by CRAFTED to create crafts? If so, don’t miss this video by I Like to Make Stuff on crafting raised dog bowls. (John…are you watching?!)

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