FriendshipCollar Launches Rescue Campaign

On this week’s beach trip, we brought along a new FriendshipCollar set that we received for review. The concept is a fun one: a collar for your dog and matching bracelet for you! I loved our set: the Mucky Pup, one of the many styles of dog (and cat) collars and bracelets. The set arrived […]

Choosing Hemp for Dog Collars and Leashes

Are you looking for a dog collar or leash that gets softer as it ages? One that’s vegan yet offers the growing softness of leather as you and your dog use the product over time? Then a hemp collar or leash may be the answer. Hemp has been used for centuries for textiles including sail […]

Holiday Gift Guide: Collars, Leashes & Tags

In our first day of gift guide fun, we’re taking a look at some great collars, harnesses, leashes and tags for your dog. We’ve got a selection of great gifts for a variety of budgets! Lupine Pet Worried about your dog chewing through a leash? New Hampshire-based LupineĀ® guarantees their stylish collars, harnesses and leashes […]

Review: Premium Leashes

Have you ever picked up a new leather leash and felt that it was uncomfortable in your hands? Like new shoes, there’s a “break in” period for some leather leashes. But recently we learned about LeatherNature leashes; these leashes are as soft as they are durable. Made to last (and made in the USA), LeatherNature […]

Getting Fit with Tagg, Week Five

In this last part of our Getting Fit with Tagg series, we take a look at traveling with Tagg. This week, we headed off on a day trip with Irie and Tiki to Enchanted Rock State Natural Area, a great hiking area about two hours from our home. The night before, we charged the Tagg […]

Getting Fit with Tagg, Week Four

Last week in our Getting Fit with Tagg series, we asked what questions YOU had about Tagg…and we got some great questions! How do you set the home area on the tracker? It was fast and easy for me to set up our home area. You go to the Tagg website and enter your physical […]

Getting Fit with Tagg, Week Three

I can’t believe January is flying by so quickly and that we’re already on Week Three of our Getting Fit with Tagg series! This week we had some very mild, pleasant weather, cool enough for the dogs to feel frisky but warm enough to enjoy some really long walks. It showed in their activity tracker […]

Getting Fit with Tagg, Part Two

In last week’s post about getting fit with Tagg’s Activity Tracker, I told you about our goal for Tiki: 300 points per day. As you can see from the above graph, we’re not there yet! Our goal is to increase Tiki’s activity level to 300 points per day. Sort of like a human pedometer, the […]

Getting Fit with Tagg, Part One

Last month in the Holiday Gift Guide we told you about Tagg – The Pet Tracker as a great way to locate your dog in case he or she should become lost. This GPD device attaches to your dog’s collar and allows you to track his movement and locate him quickly using an app on […]

2012 Gift Guide: Dogs Rule Gear from Pedigree

Pedigree is offering some great gift idea for dog lovers while at the same time helping needy shelter dogs. The Pedigree Dogs RuleĀ® collection includes apparel and accessories, each item bearing the Dog Rule logo. A portion of each sale from the collection is donated to pet welfare organizations through the Pedigree Foundation. Here are […]