Reader Review: Acadia Moose Antlers

Schooner with Acadia Moose Antler

The product the I am reviewing is the Acadia Moose Antlers. My dog Schooner LOVES the Acadia Moose Antler because it satisfies his chewing habit. I like the moose antlers it because Schooner is not chewing up our furniture and other things in the house. The moose antlers last a long time. I always keep extra on […]

Reader Review: Goodness Gracious Bacon Cheeseburger Treats


Name of product I am reviewing: Goodness Gracious Bacon Cheeseburger Treats My dog’s name: The Tweedles- Mario and Luigi What I liked about this product: They are all natural- I am not giving any preservatives to my dogs. All good stuff. What my dog liked about the product: They just love the bacon, the cheesiness […]

Reader Review: Dentley’s Rawhide Rolls


Name of product I am reviewing: Dentley’s Rawhide Rolls Dog Treats My dog’s name: Summer What I liked about this product: The rawhide is mess-free, doesn’t splinter like bones, and keeps my dog occupied for a while! What my dog liked about this product: The delicious flavor and crunchiness of the rawhide My name: Daraya […]

Reader Review: Full Moon Chicken Jerky Skin + Coat


Name of product I am reviewing: Full Moon Chicken Jerky Skin + Coat My dog’s name: Olivia What I liked about this product: I love that Full Moon is made in the USA with ingredients from the USA. The chicken is USDA certified. It has nutrients that help Olivia’s coat such as Omega 3, Vitamin […]

Fruitables Vanilla Snowflake Dog Treats #GIVEAWAY


Living in the southern half of Texas, Irie and Tiki don’t get to see snow very often. While it does snow here every few years, we can’t count on it. But dogs can count on snowflakes–300 of ‘em per package!–in Fruitables Vanilla Snowflake Flavor dog treats. The first and only dog treat made with real […]

How to #FueltheHolidays with Zuke’s Mini Naturals


Let’s talk about Thanksgiving. The holiday–and the holiday preparations–are just around the corner. For your dog, it’s a time of high excitement as your home is filled with the scent of lovingly-prepared foods and the joy of guests celebrating the day with you. On this day of indulgence (and, for us, over-indulgence), it’s great to […]

Review: ABOUND Dog Treats #AboundPet


When we travel with Irie and Tiki, we always pack treats. What’s a road trip without road food, right? On last week’s trip to the beach, we had a four-hour drive from our home to the coast. As always, we took treats to provide Irie and Tiki on our stops along the way. Yummy treats […]

Merrick Dog Treats: How to #TreatRight


As you know, Irie has been on very limited activity for the past eight weeks due to her ACL surgery. She’s now able to walk on leash (slowly) as much as she’d like but she’s not able to run and play as she loves to do. To keep her from getting bored, we’ve played games […]

Review: Look Who’s Happy Dog Treats #MyHappyDog


Irie and Tiki love nothing about their job more than the opportunity to act as treat testers! Both girls had the chance to test out the new Look Who’s Happy! treats this week, a line of USA-made treats available in two lines: Fetch’n Fillets™ and Tempt’n Tenders™. Of course, before feeding new treats to Irie […]

REVIEW: Vivamune Health Chews


A while back we told you that we were giving Vivamune a try. Not only are Irie and Tiki taking it but our cats are testing out Vivamune as well. (Irie laid off the chews for a couple of weeks while on medication, just because we didn’t want to get confused, but has otherwise been […]

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