Fido’s Faves: The Honest Kitchen-Keen & Perfect Form

Product or Place I Am Reviewing: The Honest Kitchen-Keen & Perfect Form

My Dog’s Name: Rock

What I Liked About This Product or Place: Low gluten diet bridging the gap with raw diets. Specialty diet for all situations or care. Rock is a high energy, hot running, Frisbee competing dog. Rock has had continual IBS since he was weaned as a small pup! He needs the high protein to continue/maintain muscle growth & repair but…it has been a struggle at competitions to keep him calm without the repercussions of the big “D”! Perfect Form gives the right balance of supplements to keep his digestive tract calm while his brain is zinging out of control. Keen is an added diet to his high protein freeze dried kibble to also keep his digestive track calm. Honest Kitchen is made in the USA in a human food plant.

What My Dog Liked About the Product or Place: No more IBS or gassing you out of the room!

-contributed by Kelly Miller in Allen, Texas

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