Fido’s Faves: Whalon Lake Dog Park

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Product or Place I Am Reviewing: Whalon Lake Dog Park, Naperville IL

My Dog’s Name: Daisy & Ginger

What I Liked About This Product or Place: I really love this dog park. You meet great people and great dogs. My dogs have best friends there that they only play with when they are both there at the same time. It is all fenced in with a lot of room for the many dogs to run around and play. The county maintains it very well.

What My Dog Liked About the Product or Place: All the space to run around freely, all the different smells to smell, and all the doggies to play with!

-contributed by Christine A. in Bolingbrook, IL

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  • Christine A.

    It’s so cool to see something that I entered posted. :-D

    • Paris & John

      Thanks so much for sending in this post about your dog park…it sure looks like Daisy and Ginger love it!! Paris

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