Happy #PeanutButterCookieDay – Dog Treats for Peanut Lovers!

Happy Peanut Butter Cookie Day! Irie and Tiki definitely love peanut butter and it has been a popular ingredient in several of our most popular recipes. In honor of this special day, I wanted to give you a rundown of several easy treat recipes that feature peanut butter: Grain-free Peanut Butter Biscuits Recipe This easy […]

Recipe: Valentine Red Bell Pepper Dog Treats

Red bell peppers are a surprising favorite for many dogs, including our Irie who has developed a taste for several different fruits and vegetables. Bell peppers don’t produce capsaicin so they’re not hot like others in the pepper family. Green vs. Red Peppers You can substitute green bell peppers for red but red peppers contain […]

Recipe: Good Breath Dog Treats

We all know the familiar “dog breath” smell. First, be sure that “doggie breath” isn’t a sign of an underlying problem like an abscessed tooth or gingivitis. Your veterinarian can tell you if your dog just needs a breath cleanser or a dental cleaning. Once you’ve ruled out any kind of dental problem, consider a […]

Recipe: Mango Sorbet for You AND Your Dog!

Today we have a fun that you AND your dog can share…and one that’s perfect for the hot, hot weather that so many regions are tolerating right now. Our mango sorbet is a yummy dairy-free dessert makes a great ice cream, even if you or your dog is lactose intolerant. Don’t like mango? You might […]

Recipe: Liver Logs Dog Treats

Sometimes during the summer, when the temperatures go up, up, up and won’t even cool down at night, I get tired of hot foods. Cool salads seem the most soothing (and let’s don’t even talk about ice cream). Our dogs like cool treats as well as celery, with its high water content and cool crunch, […]

Recipe: Watermelon Slush for Dogs

Yesterday we were on the road all day, off to south Texas to assist two of John’s elderly relatives. Our three-hour drive took us through the town of Luling, one that’s known as the Watermelon Capital of Texas. The farmers’ market, which operates downtown in this little oil town, already had watermelons for sale–but all […]

Pumpkin Doggie Ice Cream Recipe

Although we haven’t yet hit triple digits, the weather is quickly heating up here. Tiki’s had her first (home) haircut of the summer and both dogs love swimming in the creek twice a day. Right now autumn harvest seems far in the future but just yesterday I found a pumpkin plant blooming in the woods. […]

Trick or Treat #Recipe for Halloween Dog Treats

Are you ready for doggie trick or treating? We’ve been preparing some of Irie and Tiki’s favorite pumpkin and peanut butter treats, ones that are quick and easy to make. We’ll be filling our USA-made Paws For-A-Cause treat jars with them, ready for treating and for sharing with any four-legged trick or treaters! Below you’ll […]

Confections of a Serial Frozen Dessert Killer

Looking for a cool way to treat your dog this summer? Today we have a special guest post from Jody Miller-Young of Bark & Swagger. Are you a stylish dog parent? Jody Miller-Young, pet fashion expert, editor, designer & radio host helps dog lovers live life stylishly! Discover the latest fashions, travel stories, training tips […]

Recipe: Frozen Coconut and Strawberry Swirls

After weeks of below-normal temperatures here, the mercury is starting to creep up…and I’m starting to check out some frozen recipes that I can make for us…AND for our dogs. This is a super easy frozen recipe that creates a healthy frozen treat for you and a frozen dog treat for your four-legged family members! […]