Recipe: Pigskin Surprise

Looking for a way to keep your dog occupied while you watch the Super Bowl–or attend our #SuperDogSunday Twitter party? Here’s a quick and easy way to score a touchdown with your dog…and ensure that your dog stays busy for a while!

This recipe is for a stuffed Kong or other stuffable dog chew; if you have a large, hollow marrow bone or sterilized bone, you can use that as well. (Never used cooked bones because they can and will splinter.)

The ingredients list is super simple:

about a cup of chicharrĂ³nes or pork rinds
1 egg
2-3 soft dog treats like Zuke’s Mini Naturals

Before you start, you’ll want to soft cook the egg. I just put the egg in a bowl, whipped it a moment with a fork, and microwaved it on high for a minute; you could also soft boil the egg. The object is to have an egg that’s still runny in the center. Allow the egg to cool completely.

Now, starting with a clean Kong, your first order of business is to plug up the small hole at the end of the Kong. If you don’t have any soft dog treats on hand, some other options are cheese (cream cheese works well), a little bit of lunchmeat, or even a small plug of soft bread squeezed in here will plug this hole and prolong your dog’s chewing fun.

Next, it’s time to bring out the stuffing. We used chicharrĂ³nes; use plain ones (not barbecue flavored or other varieties). If you’re not familiar with these, they’re sold where you’ll find the chips in bags. Here they’re called ChicharrĂ³nes but you’ll also see them called simply pork rinds. They’re nothing more than fried pork skin.

Start packing in the pork rinds, stuffing them as you go.

About one-third of the way through the stuffing, add a portion of the egg. Yes, the egg is basically the glue holding the whole thing together.

Resume the stuffing, alternating layers of pork rinds and egg until the Kong is filled.

When you reach the end, you’ll need to plug the larger opening in the Kong. Again, you can pack it with soft treats; if that doesn’t work, you can top it with some cheese or peanut butter.

If you’d like to make the Kong ahead of time, you can freeze it until game time (the egg will freeze…your dog’s response won’t quite be a slow motion replay but it will buy you a little extra time!)

Whether you serve the Kong fresh or frozen, you’ll definitely score big points with your dog!

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