How to Make Eggshell Calcium for Your Dog


As you know, we’re hard at work on a new book right now: The Healthy Hound Cookbook. One of the recent recipes we were working on for that book is just such a great use of your time–and a money-saver–that we had to share it now!

If you are feeding your dog a homemade diet, he needs added calcium unless that homemade diet includes 20 percent raw meaty bones. One way to get that calcium is with a calcium supplement: like eggshell calcium! As the name suggests, eggshell calcium is made from the eggshells (and eggshell membrane) that you’d otherwise discard.

Eggshell calcium is a great way to use those shells you’d otherwise discard. Wash the shells and let them dry on a cookie sheet:


I put the cookie sheet in the refrigerator and let them dry overnight.

Then it’s time to dry them more! Preheat oven to 200 degrees Fahrenheit then bake for 10-15 minutes. Eggshells should be completely dry. (If you washed the eggshells shortly before baking, allow extra baking time. Eggshells must be completely dry before grinding.)

If you’re using a coffee grinder, make sure it’s completely clean before grinding the eggshells; you don’t want any bits of coffee in the eggshell powder!

Grind the eggshells in a clean coffee grinder or a blender until all large pieces are ground to a powder:


Here’s a look at how easily the coffee grinder turns the eggshells into powder:

If you don’t have a clean coffee grinder, a mortar and pestle is also a great way to grind to a powder.

Store in a lidded jar. If you’re feeding a homemade diet, you’ll want to add about one-half teaspoon ground eggshell per pound of fresh food. If you feed both fresh food and commercial food, just add the eggshell to the fresh portion of the meal.

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  • SGilbert

    Thank You for the recipe. I am going to make some calcium for Schooner and Skipper.

  • Marion Joan Helsdon

    Sounds Great will give it a try!

  • Every time I use an egg I rinse the shell and place it in a styrofoam egg carton I keep in one of my cabinets. When I have a dozen I grind them up and place in a glass jar in my pantry. This way I don’t have to bake them which runs the risk of scorching or cooking away some of the nutrients.