Recipe: Doggie Chopped Liver


Wondering what to do with those leftover hard boiled Easter eggs? Make doggie chopped liver! Unlike traditional chopped liver, doggie chopped liver has NO onions (remember: onions are toxic to dogs and should never be included in their food or treats.) This recipe is super, super simple to make and was very popular with Irie […]

Recipe: Chicken Liver & Green Bean Dog Biscuits


We’re making plans for Sunday’s Easter egg hunt with Irie and Tiki which will include a few boiled eggs and some special dog treats for the occasion (substituting as their breakfast on Sunday morning.) Both Irie and Tiki absolutely love chicken livers (and I love the price!) so I created this easy recipe. It makes […]

Recipe: Dehydrated Chicken Livers


Some dog treat recipes are so cute and so fun to make and to photograph…with the little dog-shaped cookie cutters and all… And then there are recipes like today’s that, well, are just plain ugly. A while back, I purchased a dehydrator at the thrift store for $4. (Surprisingly, this seems to be the kind […]

Recipe: Chicken Liver Dog Treat Squares

Liver Training Treats

I was going to call this recipe something cute like “Which Came First? The Chicken Liver or the Egg?” but decided that might be pushing the envelope…or the shell… This recipe is super easy to make and VERY popular with our pooches! With a simple list of ingredients–just chicken, chicken liver, and eggs–this recipe takes […]

Recipe: Sweet Potato Praline Dog Biscuits


Mardi Gras season is upon us with Fat Tuesday coming up this week. Even though we’re not that far from New Orleans, we’ve never been to Mardi Gras…although we did go to Trinidad’s Carnival one year on assignment and spent pretty much three whole days taking photos non-stop! I wanted to create a special Mardi […]

Recipe: Pigskin Surprise


Looking for a way to keep your dog occupied while you watch the Super Bowl (or, even better yet, while you join in the Super Dog Sunday photo contest fun?) Here’s a quick and easy way to score a touchdown with your dog…and ensure that your dog stays busy for a while! This recipe is […]

Spooky Buddies Doggy Biscuit Recipe


We love making our own dog treats and we’re going to have to give this “Spooky Buddies” recipe a try! Budderball’s Bat-Shaped Doggy Biscuits are made with whole wheat flour. (We’ll probably substitute a tablespoon of molasses for the salt and sugar in this recipe.) These are easy enough for children to make with you […]

Recipe: Sweet Potato Dog Treats


Today we’ve got a guest recipe from Ann Clark, Ltd., a company in Vermont that’s been making super cute cookie cutters (including dog-related shapes like dog bones and fire hydrants) for over 20 years. This recipe produces about 12 large treats (the finished product isn’t hard and crunchy but more cookie-like in consistency.) They’ll last […]

Top 10 Dog Treat Recipes of 2010


OK, like every other journalist in the world, I’ve caught the end of the year top 10 list bug. I’ve decided to compile some top 10 lists here on DogTipper, starting with the 10 most viewed dog treat recipes this past year! Get out your baking pans…here we go: Peanut Butter & Pumpkin Dog Treats […]

Fido Fruitcake Recipe


Just the other day I made Cranberry Dog Treats…and had so many cranberries left over I decided to come up with another dog recipe! Since the holidays are synonymous with fruitcake (and fruitcake is a no-no for dogs because of the raisins and liquors found in most recipes), I wanted to come up with a […]

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