Recipe: Bowser’s Baked Egg Cups


We’ve been hard at work on our next book, The Healthy Hound Cookbook…a job that Irie and Tiki are enjoying! From now until our deadline (December 1…eek!), we’re planning to share one recipe from the upcoming book. This week, we’ve got an easy, protein-packed dish that’s quick and easy…and economical! Print Recipe: Bowser’s Baked Egg […]

Top 10 Recipes


Enjoy recipes? Be sure to check out the Dog Treat Recipe index with a one-page list of all the great recipes on DogTipper! In the tradition of just about every newspaper and television newscast around the globe right now, we’re going to run a special “Top 10″ series here on DogTipper this week. Today’s Top […]

Recipe: Beef Pupsicles


Yesterday we shared a recipe from Just Food For Dogs for Peanut Butter Banana Pupsicles that you can make at home. Today we’ve got another cool frozen treat from this Southern California commercial, human-grade kitchen: beef pupsicles! Print Beef Pupsicles Ingredients1 cup low-fat plain yogurt 1/2 cup beef broth Just Food For Dogs Beef Treat […]

Recipe: Peanut Butter Banana Pupsicles from Just Food for Dogs


The heat is on…so we thought it would be so fun to feature a doggie recipe to help your dog cool off in these dog days of summer. As you know, dogs primarily regulate their body temperature through panting—a natural activity that removes heat by passing cool air over the moist surfaces of the tongue […]

Recipe: The Honest Kitchen’s Basil Quiche for Dogs & People


Today we’re so excited to have a guest recipe from The Honest Kitchen! Lucy Postins, the founder of The Honest Kitchen, a family-owned company that makes healthy, dehydrated pet foods, has created a variety of nutritious recipes, some for dogs and humans alike, for her recipe book, Made Out of Love. Basil Quiche makes a great […]

Recipe: Chicken Liver Sicles!

Frozen Dog Treats

When you take into account price, preparation time, and popularity factor, I think I might have just stumbled up on the best frozen treat ever. You’ll remember last week I prepared Doggie Chopped Liver using chicken liver. When I boiled the chicken livers, I reserved the broth, froze it in plastic cups and, voila, it […]

Recipe: Doggie Chopped Liver


Wondering what to do with those leftover hard boiled Easter eggs? Make doggie chopped liver! Unlike traditional chopped liver, doggie chopped liver has NO onions (remember: onions are toxic to dogs and should never be included in their food or treats.) This recipe is super, super simple to make and was very popular with Irie […]

Recipe: Chicken Liver & Green Bean Dog Biscuits


We’re making plans for Sunday’s Easter egg hunt with Irie and Tiki which will include a few boiled eggs and some special dog treats for the occasion (substituting as their breakfast on Sunday morning.) Both Irie and Tiki absolutely love chicken livers (and I love the price!) so I created this easy recipe. It makes […]

Recipe: Dehydrated Chicken Livers


Some dog treat recipes are so cute and so fun to make and to photograph…with the little dog-shaped cookie cutters and all… And then there are recipes like today’s that, well, are just plain ugly. A while back, I purchased a dehydrator at the thrift store for $4. (Surprisingly, this seems to be the kind […]

Recipe: Chicken Liver Dog Treat Squares

Liver Training Treats

I was going to call this recipe something cute like “Which Came First? The Chicken Liver or the Egg?” but decided that might be pushing the envelope…or the shell… This recipe is super easy to make and VERY popular with our pooches! With a simple list of ingredients–just chicken, chicken liver, and eggs–this recipe takes […]