Super Dog Sunday, Round Four

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Here’s round four of our Super Dog Sunday photos! We’ve got half the photos on DogTipper and you’ll find the other half on All Things Dog Blog! Haven’t entered yet? Visit the main Super Dog Sunday post for details and to see all the entries we’ve posted so far!!

Jordan, Adoptable in Traverse City, MI

Jordan is an adoptable Vizsla in Traverse City, MI; check out this girl’s Petfinder page for more information!

Lychee, Adoptable in Mishawaka, Indiana

Lychee is an English Setter in the care of the Homeward Bound Animal Welfare Group, Inc., Mishawaka, Indiana. Lychee is a wonderful, even tempered, playful dog who is great with people & other dogs. He will make a great companion for any household and would be a nice jogging or walking partner. Check out Lychee’s Petfinder page!

Ariel, Adoptable in Chicago, IL

Ariel had a rough start but she’s ready for a forever home now! This Vizsla/Ridgeback mix is in the care of WE LUV PAWS Chinese Shar Pei Rescue, Chicago. Here’s what her rescue says about her: “Ariel was the most emaciated and scared pup I had ever seen when we pulled her from a Chicago kill shelter in early September. Every rib was visible and her hip bones protruded as well. She had a very heavy chain collar that was so tight it had to be removed with a bolt cutter. She is now about 7 months old, weighs 35 pounds and is a very healthy girl. She had a cropped tail, so we’re not sure if that was from a earlier tail injury or her former owners knew either mom or dad was a doberman. She has the coat color, white splash on her chest and longer muzzle of a vizla, but also looks similar to a whippet. She’s tall and leggy. She is very timid at first, but is very eager for affection, so she warms up to strangers fairly quickly if they take it slow with her.” Please check out her Petfinder page!

Spaz is ready for some football!

Kate, Adoptable in Brentwood, TN

This beauty is Kate, a German Shepherd Dog/Border Collie Mix at the SPCA of Tennessee, Brentwood, Tennessee. This two-year-old girl is looking for her forever home…please check out her Petfinder page

Jack, Adoptable in Bowling Green, KY

This handsome boy is Jack, a collie mix who came from an abusive situation but is now ready for a loving, forever home. Please check out his Petfinder page!

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