Super Dog Sunday, Round Seven!

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Whew…the photos are flying! Here’s round SEVEN of our Super Dog Sunday photos! Don’t forget: we’ve got half the photos on DogTipper and you’ll find the other half on All Things Dog Blog! If you haven’t entered yet, you’ve got until 6pm ET to email in your photo or until 9pm ET to link up your blog. Visit the main Super Dog Sunday post for details and to see all the entries we’ve posted so far!!

The Shihtzuation does a Giants Victory Salsa Dance!

Sarsi, Adoptable in Mishawaka, IN

Sarsi is a purebred Shar Pei looking for a forever home. Her Petfinder pagesays, “Sarsi ended up on death row in a kill shelter in KY after she was picked up as a stray. She is great with people & ok with some dogs. She can be very bossy with small dogs true to her breed and will probably not be a good candidate for a home with cats. Her approx. birth date is 09/01/09 and she weighs 25#.”

Sambuca, Adoptable in Mishawaka, IN

Sambuca is a Wire-Haired Pointing Griffon/Irish Terrier Mix available for adoptation; this baby girl is in Mishawaka, Indiana. Her Petfinder page says, “This super cool looking little girl came all the way from Mississippi. We wish we could afford to DNA test her becaue she looks like a mini Wire Haired Pointer … color and all. Her approx. birth date is 01/01/11 and she weighs approx. 20# now. She will be a nice sturdy little jogging or walking partner & would most likely excel at obedience or agility. She is a fairly calm dog and has been great with people & other dogs. UPDATE: Sambuca was in a home with an Irish Terrier who is older than her & they got into a fight and the older dog got hurt. This is the only dog she has had any problems with and we suspect that it was her telling him that she was the alpha in their home. She will be fine as an only pet or in a home that has submissive dogs.”

YoYo is ready for some football!

Jiff has possession of the ball!

Scooter, Adoptable in Cheyenne, WY

Cute Scooter is looking for a home…what a great dog Scooter will make some lucky family! His Petfinder page describes him as, “‘Doggedly affectionate…’ Scooter loves snuggling and being held. Scooter looks at you with eyes that say, ‘you are the most important person in the whole world.’ Scooter has an athletic build, a striking reddish-gold coat, and an expressive sweet face. He is very smart. Scooter gets along well dogs, cats, and older kids. He can safely be placed in a home with kids over 5. He can be active at times or mellow. He is crate trained. He likes being around people and making his people happy. Scooter likes to ride in the car and he walks quite well on the leash. Being a very good listener, Scooter is highly trainable and would make a great 4H project or agility dog for someone who wanted to do that sort of thing.”

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