Super Dog Sunday, Round Three

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The Super Dog Sunday entries are coming fast now…you’ve got plenty of time to enter your own Super Dog Sunday photo for a chance to win some of the prizes…we’ve got over $1000 in prizes to give out in all!

You’ll see each dog’s name and, if the dog is an adoptable, we’ll also include the rescue/shelter and city where he lives. If we have a URL for the dog, we’ll include that as well…so please take a moment to check out the adoptables in the entries, too! Also, be sure to check for more photos…we’re publishing half and they’re publishing half!

George is the #1 Cowboy Fan!

Wrangler, Adoptable in Bowling Green, JY

Brody, Adoptable at Animal House in Fort Collins, CO

Jade, Adoptable at Animal House in Fort Collins, CO

Hut, Hut, Hike!

Steel says "Helmet Needed!"

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  • Misty

    Cool hat George!  I hope the wind doesn’t blow it away!  Brody is worried about his ball blowing off.