Fostering to Adopt This Holiday

Inspired by the book (and TV movie) A Dog Named Christmas, many shelters offer a special foster program for the Christmas holidays. Foster parents generally pick up a dog or cat a day or two before Christmas and return the pet to the shelter the day after Christmas. (Of course, there’s the hope that you […]

Fostering a Cat During the Holidays

The recent Hallmark Hall of Fame presentation A Dog Named Christmas (based on the best-selling novel of the same name by Greg Kincaid) drew a great deal of attention to the possibility of fostering a homeless dog over the holidays. But did you know the national program also includes cats? The new Foster a Lonely […]

A look at Hallmark Hall of Fame’s "A Dog Named Christmas"

The holidays have always been a time of good will toward men, and now animal shelters across the U.S. are hoping that the Hallmark Hall of Fame presentation A Dog Named Christmas will encourage its viewers to extend that good will to man’s best friend. Based on the bestselling novel from author Greg Kincaid, the […]

Fostering a Dog During the Holidays

Thanks to the best-selling novel by Greg Kincaid and the Hallmark Hall of Fame presentation (premiering November 29 on CBS) by the same name, A Dog Named Christmas hopes to inspire families across the country to foster a pet for the holidays. The novel A Dog Named Christmas tells the story of the McCrays, a […]