Is That a Real Service Dog? #Infographic

Just this week, I read an article in USA Today about emotional support animals and theĀ  controversy that is developing in the airline world. In a nutshell, airlines are concerned that passengers are declaring pets as service animals both to avoid fees and to gain special privilege, whether that’s flying with pets out of their […]

Visiting an Airport Dog Relief Area

A recent regulatory change has required that airports with over 10,000 passengers per year make available an animal relief area. While these areas have been mandated for service animals, the Department of Transportation has recognized that the areas can be used by all traveling pets (as well as by working TSA dogs). What does this […]

Packing for Flying with Your Dog

Last year during the writing of DogTipper’s Texas with Dogs, we met up with Rachel Phelps and Preston of at some of our favorite Texas destinations for some fun photo shoots. We photographed Preston in San Antonio, Austin, Houston, and Fort Worth when they were in the Lone Star State for an Amazing Pet […]

DIY Holiday Travel Essentials for Your Tiniest Family Member

Traveling with your much-beloved pets can be a troublesome business. They have various needs for them to be comfortable while you move from one place to another. Providing all of these needs might hurt your wallet and travel expenses. Luckily, there are affordable and fun solutions for your travel needs. Here are several DIY projects […]

Save on Kurgo Products! #KurgoSafe

Update! Kurgo is offering 40% off to our readers through Sept. 9! Please use coupon code TRAVEL40 at checkout! We so excited to announce that Kurgo is now a sponsor of our DOG TRAVEL EXPERTS radio show! We’ve used the Kurgo products with Irie and Tiki for years; all they have to do is hear […]

Researching Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) Before You Travel

Do you have a dog who either is a “bully breed” or one who resembles a pit bull-type dog? Do you plan to travel with your dog? If so, you MUST check on Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) before you and your dog hit the road. These laws — on a city, county or larger level […]

Travel Tips with Your Dog

Just a week from Wednesday, we start our new “Dog Travel Experts” radio show on the Radio Pet Lady Network! We’re looking forward to the one-hour live show, and we’ve been busy gathering tips on our new site. If you’ve got some spring or summer dog travel on your horizon, please be sure to […]

Review: Sherpa Ultimate Pet Carrier

As we’ve written about before, before we started DogTipper we were full-time travel writers. We specialized in guidebook writing so that meant being on the move a lot, often living out of our suitcases since we didn’t have time to unpack at each one-night research stop. When we weren’t living out of the luggage, we […]

Flying with Your Dog

As holiday travel reaches its peak in just a few days, we wanted to share this guest post from The Dog Daily about dogs and airplane travel. The Dog Daily: Safety Dogs and Airplane Travel: A Deadly Mix? By Elijah Merrill for The Dog Daily Did you know pugs are at an increased risk when […]

Traveling with Your Dog: Dr. Marty Becker Video

As summer beckons dog lovers and their four-legged family members to take to the road, be sure to spend a few minutes planning and packing for your pooch as well. In this video for DogTipper filmed by Dr. Marty Becker, often known as “America’s Veterinarian”and seen regularly on “Good Morning, America” and “The Dr. Oz […]