Win a Walk in Sync Harness!

Does your dog pull on the leash? If so, you’re not alone. Leash pulling is a very common problem…and one that you can solve! Just last week on the DOG TRAVEL EXPERTS radio show, Tracie Hotchner and I interviewed Alecia Evans, owner and inventor of the Walk In Sync training method, about leash pulling and […]

Win The In Sync Method PLUS a Walk In Sync Leash & Harness!

We know that you’re all very familiar with Alecia Evans, the holistic dog trainer who writes the Ask Alecia column here on DogTipper. Many of you have spoken with her in the webinars that we’ve hosted with Alecia, sent her your questions about behavior and training, and used her innovative Walk In Sync™ harness and […]

“Ask Alecia” Featured on Canine Insight Telesummit

We know you’re very familiar with Alecia Evans from the “Ask Alecia” column here on; this week Alecia will be one of 21 featured dog training experts on the Canine Insights Telesummit. Held on May 23, 2013 the event will be hosted by Bernie Browne, the creator of the Summit.  Bernie and Alecia will […]

Ask Alecia: My Dog Bit a Child!

Dear Alecia, Our dog Maya, a 2-year old Bali dog, attacked a 6-year-old child this morning who was playing in our yard (his father is our gardener).  She jumped up on him, arms on his shoulders, and bit his face and neck.  Not a bad bite, but blood was drawn and clearly the kid was […]

Ask Alecia: My New Dog Is Jealous Of My Other Dogs!

Dear Alecia, I just adopted a one-year-old German shepherd. She’s a very sweet girl. Playful, doesn’t pull on the leash, and is very affectionate. However, I have 2 other dogs that she is ridiculously jealous of: a 10-month-old German shepherd and a 2-year-old American Eskimo. She’s showed more aggression towards the German shepherd. Mostly when […]

Ask Alecia: My Dog Plays Too Rough!

Dear Alecia, My family played rough with my lab when he was a puppy. I said no more. Now my dog is two. He wants to play rough. He pushes is toys in your lap, and gets almost aggressive. He is a sweet boy most of the time. How do I get him to stop? […]

Ask Alecia: My Older Dog Wants to Climb the Stairs at Night

Dear Alecia, My dog Mickey is a 9-year-old Yellow Labrador Retriever. At night, Mickey sleeps either on the floor next to my bed or in his dog bed a few feet away. Mickey is a heavy dog and is getting up in age. That said, he recently began refusing to come upstairs to the bedroom, […]

Ask Alecia: Barking Problems

Today we’re bringing you the fifth and final part in the Hot Spot Tele-Training Series by Alecia Evans of Walk In Sync. Filled with tips from this holistic dog trainer, the series has included housetraining, loose leash walking, teaching your dog to come when called and separation anxiety. In this week’s call, we discuss a […]

Ask Alecia: My Husky Nips My Child!

Dear Alecia, My husband and I just adopted a 3-year-old husky named Dante. He is very lovable and gentle, and, although he is stubborn, we are working on his basic training, and he is doing much better. We adopted him because of how good he was with our two-year-old son, but since bringing him home, […]

Ask Alecia: Separation Anxiety

Today we’re bringing you the fourth part in the Hot Spot Tele-Training Series by Alecia Evans of Walk In Sync. Filled with tips from this holistic dog trainer, the series has included housetraining,  loose leash walking, and teaching your dog to come when called. This week, we discussed a topic that, regardless of whether you […]