Alison Sweeney Talks Dog Weight Loss on Facebook

Fans of Alison Sweeney will have a chance to chat live with “The Biggest Loser” host as she talks about dog weight loss on the Hill’s Science Diet Facebook page. Sweeney will be talking about the pet weight management techniques, exercise and more that she used to get her own dog, Winky, fit. When: Tuesday, […]

Alison Sweeney Promotes Pet Weight Loss Pledge

The new year is finally here, and for pet parents who have resolved to help their barking buddies with their battle of the bulge in 2012, Hill’s Science Pet Nutrition has launched the Science Diet Million Pound Pledge to tip the scales in Fido’s favor. Currently celebrating her 10th season of encouraging contestants to strive […]

Alison Sweeney Supports Pet Weight Loss Pledge

She’s encouraged contestants to strive for a smaller size as the host of the NBC reality series The Biggest Loser, and now Alison Sweeney is showing her support for Spots who need to slim down by joining with Hill’s® Pet Nutrition to launch the Science Diet Million Pound Pledge. “Making sure that my family eats […]