National Dog Bite Prevention Week

As dog devotees, we strive to protect our four-pawed pals from harm– from illnesses which can rob them of their health, from the dangers posed by unsupervised outdoor play…and, sometimes, from the harm which they can inflict upon others. Even the most docile dog can lash out when feeling frightened, hurt, confused or provoked, leading […]

Considering Dog Adoption? Check These AVMA Tips

Selecting the right dog to adopt is no easy choice. Like selecting a life partner, it’s a decision that you’ll live with in the long term, through thick and through thin. Unlike selecting a mate, though, you don’t get a long courtship to make that decision! We know firsthand from our own adoptions of Tiki […]

Free Download: Dog Safety Coloring Book

Last week marked the conclusion of National Dog Bite Prevention Week…but teaching children good practices around all dogs should be done year-around. The American Veterinary Medical Association has a free downloadable coloring book for children titled Doggie Do’s and Don’ts: Dog Safety and You. This bilingual book, in English and Spanish, is available for free […]

February is Pet Dental Health Month

February marks Pet Dental Health Month, the American Veterinary Medical Association‘s (AVMA) annual effort to remind pet lovers to care for their pets’ teeth like they do their own. “It’s estimated that by the age of two 80 percent of dogs and 70 percent of cats have some form of periodontal disease,” explains Dr. Larry […]