Prince Lorenzo Borghese Helps Georgia Rescues

A former reality star with a royal pedigree, Prince Lorenzo Borghese– who went in search of a soul mate in season nine of The Bachelor— helps our four-legged friends in their search for a new lease on life as the co-founder of Animal Aid USA. In mid-August the high-profile pal to those with paws (who […]

Prince Lorenzo Borghese Promotes Pet Adoption

True love eluded Prince Lorenzo Borghese when he appeared on season nine of the hit ABC series The Bachelor. However, nine years later, the former reality TV star (who today helps to create a better reality for dogs in need as the co-founder of Animal Aid USA) has found a puppy love who has captured […]

Meredith Vieira Shines Spotlight on Animal Aid USA

Meredith Vieira has won 14 Emmy Awards over the course of her career as a television journalist, and she’s won the admiration of animal lovers for focusing the camera on paws causes. A recent segment of The Meredith Vieira Show was dedicated to the rescue of dogs in need in rural Georgia. The talk show host […]

Prince Lorenzo Borghese Shines Spotlight on Homeless Dogs

He searched for his soul mate on season nine of the ABC series The Bachelor, but today a prince who comes from Italian nobility has captured the collective hearts animal lovers by taking on the noble task of helping dogs in need find forever pet parents to love. The co-founder of Animal Aid USA and […]

Prince Lorenzo Borghese to Host Animal Aid USA Fundraiser

Television viewers may know him as the reality romantic who searched for a soul mate on season nine of The Bachelor, but dog devotees know Prince Lorenzo Borghese as a Prince Charming who has found his heart’s desire in helping paws causes through Animal Aid USA. Stepping into his role as the co-founder of the […]

Prince Lorenzo Borghese Helps Operation Special Delivery

Whether they traveled by air or on the ground, 512 shelter dogs were floating on cloud nine recently as they were rescued during “Operation Special Delivery” Flyaway and Caravan. The largest animal adoption rescue event in Georgia history took place thanks to the combined efforts of multiple animal rescues, including Pilots N Paws, which deployed […]

Celebrities Celebrate Animal Aid USA’s First Anniversary

More than 3,000 homeless dogs who were facing their fate in Georgia shelters have many happy years ahead thanks to a rescue organization which recently celebrated its one-year anniversary with a sold-out, star-studded soiree. Broadway legend/Broadway Barks co-founder Bernadette Peters Held at the THOM Bar in New York City, the gathering of glitterati was a […]

Prince Lorenzo Borghese Launches Animal Aid USA’s New Year Caravan

Former reality personality and President of Animal Aid USA Prince Lorenzo Borghese helped to create a better reality for dogs in danger as he launched the organization’s first animal rescue caravan of 2013. On January 18th the New Year Caravan began a journey to put 175 shelter dogs on the road to a brighter tomorrow. […]

Prince Lorenzo Borghese Helps with Thanksgiving Rescue of Shelter Dogs

The holiday season is a time of miracles, and today 67 shelter puppies and dogs– and one lucky cat– are enjoying a new lease on life at the aptly named Miracle Ranch thanks in part to a former reality TV star who is helping to create a better reality for pets in peril. Joining the […]

Dog Wedding Promotes Amazing Grace Caravan Journey

Weddings are the joyful start of a new chapter in life, and on July 10th two canines who have defied death will pledge their dogged devotion to a paws cause that’s close to their hearts in a ceremony that will mark the start of the Amazing Grace Caravan’s journey, which will rescue more than 100 […]