Flower the Dog: Australian Cattle Dog Mix

My Dog: Flower The Dog Age: 8 Breed: Australian Cattle Dog Mix What I Love About Flower The Dog: Couldn’t imagine my life without her! She is our “velcro dog”, always at our side, always up for any adventure. Keeps us on our toes. She’s a fun girl…. – contributed by

Woody: Australian Cattle Dog

My dog’s name: Woody Age: 7 years Breed: Australian Cattle Dog What I Love About My Dog: Woody tries his best at anything I ask of him, from winning in the showring to gaining titles in sheep herding competition to just hanging out at the beach, he’s proven to be my best 4-legged buddy! Contributed […]

Owen Wilson and His Australian Cattle Dog, Garcia

During filming of Marley & Me, Owen Wilson made fast friends with 22 tail-wagging Labrador Retrievers, a fun feat made easier due to the fact that the star once had two childhood pets– chocolate Labs named Blue and Teddy. After the director yelled “That’s a wrap!” the actor’s current canine companion– a loyal Australian Cattle […]

Khous, Queensland Heeler

Who: Khous Age: 4 years old Breed: Queensland Heeler What I Love About Khous: He is a great watch dog, but was especially gentle with my Grandson who lived with me from Birth to 26 months old. – contributed by deeann001, Carson City

Alby: Australian Cattle Dog

Who: Alby, Australian Cattle Dog Age: 7 years What I Love About Alby: Alby came here as a stray but immediately made herself at home! She was a wonderful watchdog, a good companion to our other dogs, and a loving friend to us! She absolutely loved to play in the water and splash around in […]

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