Ask Alecia: My Pup Shows Signs of Separation Anxiety!

Dear Alecia, My husband and I adopted a 5-month-old mixed breed puppy from the pound last week. Two days after we adopted him I had him at the vet’s office for shots and upset tummy issues. He tested negative for Parvo so they gave him meds (but no shots) and sent him home. The next […]

Ask Alecia: Our New Rescue Dog is Frightened of My Husband!

Dear Alecia, Please help. We have rescued our third abused dog. We have successfully rehabilitated our first two. They were both one when adopted, a year apart. Now, a year later, we decided that we should rescue another. We went to a second chance shelter, and adopted a border collie mix. He is 4 months […]

Ask Alecia: My Dog Breaks Out of His Crate!

Dear Alecia, My 100-pound lab has broken out of both crates I have bought for him. I try to make it a happy place for him, and at night while I’m in bed I leave it opened so he can just lay in it and chill out. I don’t lock him in it at night, […]

Review: happytails Canine Spa Line

Now that spring is here, we’re fighting the battle of the fleas. We use only natural flea prevention methods, from┬ádiatomaceous earth to nematodes to old-fashioned vacuuming and cleaning, and, so far, we’ve been largely successful. That’s not to say we don’t have the occasional flea…and, for Irie, that very occasional flea is all it takes […]

Ask Alecia: My Dog Is Terrified!

Dear Alecia, My dog is completely terrified of everything and everyone (even afraid of me at times) and rarely listens to me. I would like some help and advice please.–Amber Dear Amber, Poor pup! In a case like this I would recommend Bach Flower Essences as often times a terrified dog has experienced an emotional […]

Ask the Trainer: My Pup Pees When She’s Worried!

My 8-9 month old husky female pup pees whenever she is scared, excited, or thinks she’s in trouble. I’m at a loss as to what to do. We don’t scold her and try to just ignore and then clean it up afterwards. We got her at 10 weeks old. She spent 2 weeks with a […]