Full House Star Dave Coulier Adopts a Rescue Dog

Dave Coulier and Shorty

For eight seasons Dave Coulier tickled the funny bones of television viewers on the hit family-friendly series Full House, and now the comedic actor who starred as Uncle Joey has touched the hearts of his doggedly devoted fans thanks to his new role as a doting Dad to Shorty, a senior Pit Bull/Basset Hound. The […]

Dog of the Day: Tides Sinatra Johnson


My Dog’s Name: Tides Sinatra Johnson Age of My Dog: 5 months Breed: Basset Hound What I Love About My Dog: I love Tides because he is so funny and crazy. He is a Kodak moment every second!!  He has brightened my World by leaps and bounds with the first buppy kiss! I have been […]

Adoptable Dog of the Day: Halle in West Virginia


This girl with the soulful eyes is Halle, an adult Basset Hound who is in the care of the Kanawha/Charleston Humane Association in Charleston, WV. Halle is a very sweet and loving dog and the folks at the shelter say that she has a great personality. Halle is about one year old and she weighs […]

Adoptable Dog of the Day: Percy in Colorado


Percy is an adult Basset Hound who is currently in foster care under the supervision of All Ears Basset Sanctuary, Inc. in Littleton, CO. This boy loves to play all day with his dog buddies and would love to find a forever home with another dog. Percy’s foster dad calls him a “clown of a […]

David Arquette Adopts Dog from Last Day Dog Rescue


An acting gig for David Arquette has led to a starring role in the life of the star for one very fortunate Fido. During the Thanksgiving weekend the actor, who had been filming the upcoming thriller Orion in Detroit, gave thanks for his new four-pawed pal Dallas, a Basset Hound who was facing his fate […]

Ask Alecia: My Basset Hound Barks SO Loudly!

Hi, I adopted a basset hound–he is a 3-year-old male–and brought him into a home with a 5-year-old male Cocker Spaniel, and 10-Year-old male indoor-only cat. He is a good, albeit goofy dog—and usually gets along with the others. (All have been neutered.) Anyway, he barks sooooo loudly–at ANYTHING: a leaf blowing in the yard, […]

Pickles: Basset Hound


My Dog’s Name: Pickles Age of My Dog: 6 years Breed: Basset Hound What I Love About My Dog: I love that Pickles found us one year ago this mother’s day and has brought adventure with her! She has never met a stranger and loves belly rubs! –contributed by Andrea in Royse City, TX

Leroy: Basset Hound


My Dog’s Name: Leroy Age of My Dog: 2 years Breed: Basset Hound What I Love About My Dog: Leroy is such a funny dog filled with personality galore! Leroy was a rescue dog as his prior owners gave him up for adoption so he could have a more fulfilling life with a big yard […]

Brewster & Sammy: Basset Hounds


My Dogs’ Names: Brewster and Sammy Ages of My Dogs: Brewster, 1 year; Sammy, 11 years Breed: Basset Hounds What I Love About My Dogs: They are the proverbial Basset Hounds, laid back, slow yet active and so funny. Brewster is a very “vocal” dog and seems like is is always trying to talk to […]

Adoptable Dog of the Day: Buddy in South Carolina


This sweet boy is Buddy, a young basset hound in the care of Basset Rescue Crew of the Southeast in Columbia, South Carolina. Buddy is in a foster family now (one with a 20-month-old child) and he’s good around kids, cats, and other dogs! (The foster family does note that Buddy’s new family needs to […]

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