Pickles: Basset Hound


My Dog’s Name: Pickles Age of My Dog: 6 years Breed: Basset Hound What I Love About My Dog: I love that Pickles found us one year ago this mother’s day and has brought adventure with her! She has never met a stranger and loves belly rubs! –contributed by Andrea in Royse City, TX

Leroy: Basset Hound


My Dog’s Name: Leroy Age of My Dog: 2 years Breed: Basset Hound What I Love About My Dog: Leroy is such a funny dog filled with personality galore! Leroy was a rescue dog as his prior owners gave him up for adoption so he could have a more fulfilling life with a big yard […]

Brewster & Sammy: Basset Hounds


My Dogs’ Names: Brewster and Sammy Ages of My Dogs: Brewster, 1 year; Sammy, 11 years Breed: Basset Hounds What I Love About My Dogs: They are the proverbial Basset Hounds, laid back, slow yet active and so funny. Brewster is a very “vocal” dog and seems like is is always trying to talk to […]

Adoptable Dog of the Day: Buddy in South Carolina


This sweet boy is Buddy, a young basset hound in the care of Basset Rescue Crew of the Southeast in Columbia, South Carolina. Buddy is in a foster family now (one with a 20-month-old child) and he’s good around kids, cats, and other dogs! (The foster family does note that Buddy’s new family needs to […]

Weezy (Louise): Basset Hound


My Dog’s Name: Weezy (Louise) Age of My Dog: 10 years Breed: Basset Hound What I Love About My Dog: She has a great sense of humor and has been visibly great since the day we got her from the Basset Rescue. –contributed by Bren in Fort Collins, CO

Cooper: Basset Hound

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My Dog’s Name: Cooper Age of My Dog: 9 years Breed: basset hound What I Love About My Dog: We adopted him couple years ago from a shelter. He is an adorable basset. He greets me when I come back from work. He howls when I leave for work. He loves to sit on the […]

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