Weezy (Louise): Basset Hound


My Dog’s Name: Weezy (Louise) Age of My Dog: 10 years Breed: Basset Hound What I Love About My Dog: She has a great sense of humor and has been visibly great since the day we got her from the Basset Rescue. –contributed by Bren in Fort Collins, CO

Cooper: Basset Hound

Antara Portland dan Jakarta 114

My Dog’s Name: Cooper Age of My Dog: 9 years Breed: basset hound What I Love About My Dog: We adopted him couple years ago from a shelter. He is an adorable basset. He greets me when I come back from work. He howls when I leave for work. He loves to sit on the […]

Basil: Basset Hound

My Dog’s Name: Basil Breed: Basset Hound What I Love About My Dog: My dog likes to sleep in my bed and hunt for my socks. –contributed by Rusam in Spain

Facebook Friday: Feb. 26, 2010

Picture 2

Friday means Facebook Friday! Here’s our weekly roundup of new discoveries by DogTipper’s Facebook fan page, each a page of special interest to dog lovers: AskMyDogNorman Do you live in the Boston area and have a question about dog-friendly locations? Then just AskMyDogNorman! Norman the Schnauzer can point you to the best groomers, dog parks, […]

Ñato Conesa

My Dog: Ñato Conesa Age: 8 years What I Love about Ñato Conesa: Ya adoro a mi perrito y mi esposo tambien lo adora. Nosotros lo tratamos como si fuera un miembro mas de la familia o sea como una persona. El esta muy malcriado y Ñoño. –contributed by Amparo in Miami

Diogi, Basset Hound

Who: Diogi Age: 2 years Breed: Basset Hound What I Love about Diogi: He is not really a dog… he is a person!! – contributed by Marsha, Gilbert, AZ

"America’s Next Top Model" Winner Whitney Thompson with Her Dog, Baxter

Currently conquering the catwalk after her cycle 10 win on America’s Next Top Model, it comes as no surprise that Whitney Thompson has such a photogenic Fido for a canine companion. Baxter, who was recently adopted by the runway role model from the Tri-State Basset Hound Rescue Society– an organization which finds forever homes for […]

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