Dog of the Day: Schooner

My Dog’s Name: Schooner Age of My Dog: 4 years My Dog’s Birthday or Gotcha Day (or month): October 1, 2009 About My Dog’s Birthday: Schooner had a fabulous day. His Acadia Antler came in the mail. Had raw frozen chicken for dinner. Dessert was ice cream from Dairy Queen with a dog bone treat. […]

Dog of the Day: Garlind Ridge Coach Izzo

My Dog’s Name: Garlind Ridge Coach Izzo Age of My Dog: 1 year My Dog’s Birthday or Gotcha Day (or month): June 13, 2012 About My Dog’s Birthday: Izzo celebrated his first birthday last week! Hard to believe that 9 pound little bundle of love grew up to be this 67 pound gorgeous Collie in […]

Dog of the Day: Skipper

My Dog’s Name: Skipper Age of My Dog: 3 years My Dog’s Birthday or Gotcha Day (or month): April 21, 2009 About My Dog’s Birthday: Skipper is a Vizsla. Skipper is very lovable, loves to snuggle and sit on our laps. His favorite thing to do is swim, run and go for car rides. Romps […]

Giveaway: January Birthday Club!

We’ve just launched the Birthday Club for 2013 to make it bigger and better than ever! We’ve now got a new birthday club page where you can upload your dog’s birthday photo via our form (even if we haven’t yet opened the birthday club for the month). We’re going to be sharing the photos in […]

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