Pet Blog: Kaliber’s Fun Nose Work


Blog Name: Kaliber’s Fun Nose Work Complete Blog URL: General category (dog, cat, all, other): dog Blog description: Kaliber’s Fun Nose Work is a blog about enjoying the new dog sport of nose work. About the blogger(s): Annette is a retired veterinarian who lives with four English setters. Search for more pet blogs! Loading […]

10 Tips on Marketing Your Dog Services on Facebook


This is a special guest post by Christopher Johnson, a dog lover and owner of, a site specializing in pet memorials. If you’re like us and your love for dogs has led you to start your own dog-related business, you know getting the word out about your dog services outside of your immediate network […]

Pet Blog: PetExpertise Positive Dog Training


Blog Name: PetExpertise Positive Dog Training Complete Blog URL: General category (dog, cat, all, other): dog Blog description: PetExpertise offers posts and articles to help readers solve their dog problems through positive dog training tips and supplies. About the blogger(s): Jess Rollins is a professional and certified dog trainer who writes ALL of the […]

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