The Go-Go’s Jane Wiedlin Adopts Rescue Dog


Jane Wiedlin has fallen “Head Over Heels” for Paul Stanley– a two-year-old miniature Border Collie mix who has just landed permanent gig in the heart and home of The Go-Go’s rhythm guitarist. The pop culture icon met the canine with the KISS-themed moniker thanks to Rocket Dog Rescue, a San Francisco non-profit organization which– since […]

Dog of the Day: Cam


My Dog’s Name: Cam Age of My Dog: 9 months Breed: Border Collie What I Love About My Dog: I love Cam because he’s so bright and sharp but he’s soooooooooooo mischievous at the same time! He is very loyal and loving and super cute! -contributed by Jenny in Cumbria, United Kingdom Want DogTipper to […]

Adoptable Dog of the Day: Hallie in Maryland


Poor Hallie was left alone when her previous owner passed away. Now in foster care under the supervision of ARC Border Collie Rescue-South in Damascus, MD, this senior Border Collie mix is hoping to find a new forever home. Hallie is a very well-behaved girl with good house manners. Although a senior dog, she still […]

Dog of the Day: Tillie, Border Collie


My Dog’s Name: Tillie Age of My Dog: 15 weeks Breed: Border Collie What I Love About My Dog: Her cheeky ways. -contributed by Trace in the UK Want DogTipper to feature your dog as Dog of the Day? Use our online form to submit information about your pet. Be sure to attach a photo […]

Dog of the Day: Snow, Border Collie


My Dog’s Name: Snow Age of My Dog: 15 months Breed: Border Collie What I Love About My Dog: My dog is a very wonderful companion and is high spirited. Loves to herd things. He will guard around the house and barn as well as going to the bus stop with me and wait with […]

Video Dog of the Day: Rocket, Border Collie


Please upgrade your browser   My Dog’s Name: Rocket Age of My Dog: 5 months Breed: Border Collie What I Love About My Dog: Rocket is still developing his personality, and it is fun to watch what new thing he will do. He is becoming very intuitive to my moods. Overall, he is high energy […]

Dog of the Day: Motley, Border Collie


My Dog’s Name: Motley Age of My Dog: 3-1/5 years Breed: Border Collie What I Love About My Dog: When we were looking to pick up Motley from a breeder in CT, we expected a high energy, active dog. To our surprise, while he does have some “spurts” of energy, he’s really just a big […]

Anthea Turner Meets Rescue Dog at Wetnose Awards


British media personality Anthea Turner was among the many celebrities who used their star wattage to shine a spotlight on small rescue center’s and rescue pets, including a Border Collie mix named Blue who not only garnered the title of Best Rescue Pet, but also won the hearts of all the attendees at the 2011 […]

Actor Martin Clunes at The Wetnose Awards

martin cuddling penny

He portrays a physician in the British dramedy series Doc Martin, and when it comes to animal advocacy actor Martin Clunes is just what the doctor ordered. The television star was among a group of famous faces and philanthropists who recently gathered to give praise to those whose efforts at small rescue organizations have made […]

Border Collie Lovers Rent Sheep to Herd


Every border collie lover knows that if you don’t give this energetic, intelligent dog a job to do he’ll find another (perhaps less productive) way to amuse himself. Realizing that border collies are born to herd, several border collie families are turning to farms to provide their dogs the exercise and challenge they need. This […]

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