Dog of the Day: Henri, Boston Terrier


My Dog’s Name: Henri Age of My Dog: 2 years Breed: Boston Terrier What I Love About My Dog: His snuggles and his playfulness and just because he’s Henri I fostered Henri from when he was rescued and he ended up staying -contributed by Claire in Fairview, TX NOTE: Henri is presently missing from his […]

Dog of the Day: Junebug, Boston Terrier


My Dog’s Name: Junebug Age of My Dog: 7 years Breed: Boston Terrier What I Love About My Dog: We call him “The Bug”, and he is! He likes to stick his nose into everything. He is very athletic and loves to go for walks. -contributed by Cheryl in Kansas City, MO Want DogTipper to […]

Dog of the Day: Dewey, Boston Terrier


My Dog’s Name: Dewey Age of My Dog: 8 years Breed: Boston Terrier What I Love About My Dog: Because even though he only has three legs, he still loves to smile and have fun! -contributed by AB in Fanwood, NJ Want DogTipper to feature your dog as Dog of the Day? Use our online […]

Dogs of the Day: Bella and Ozzy, Boston Terriers


My Dogs’ Names: Bella and Ozzy Age of My Dogs: 3 and 6 years Breed: Boston Terriers What I Love About My Dogs: Bella: is the sweetest little girl. I rescued her from Boston Buddies Rescue Group. We love her sweetness and her sexy walk. Ozzy: is such a spoiled boy. We got Bella to […]

Dog of the Day: Rocco, Boston Terrier


My Dog’s Name: Rocco Age of My Dog: 6 Months Breed: Boston Terrier What I Love About My Dog: Rocco is special to us because he is me and my wife’s first dog. He is also special because his breeder also breeds champion goats so he was raised on a farm with some interesting companions […]

Video Dog of the Day: Rocky, Boston Terrier


My Dog’s Name: Rocky Age of My Dog: 18 months Breed: Boston Terrier What I Love About My Dog: Rocky is a smart, friendly and playful dog. He is a very cute black and white small Boston Terrier. He really enjoys playing with balls and toys and running at the park to expend his lots […]

Pet Pro Profile: Boston Buddies Rescue Group


Recently, DogTipper interviewed Hereta Cervantes of Boston Buddies Rescue Group, a Boston Terrier rescue organization in Southern California. Can you tell us about the mission of Boston Buddies Rescue Group? Boston Buddies was incorporated on June 12, 2003 as a California nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation dedicated to the rescue and re-homing of any Boston Terrier or […]

Adoptable Dog of the Day: Buster Brown in Minnesota


Buster is an adult male Boston Terrier who is currently in the care of the Almost Home Animal Shelter in Mora, MN. Buster, who is about seven years old, is a special needs dog because he is blind. He has learned to cope with his handicap and he gets around well once he learns his […]

Alison Sweeney Promotes Pet Weight Loss Pledge


The new year is finally here, and for pet parents who have resolved to help their barking buddies with their battle of the bulge in 2012, Hill’s Science Pet Nutrition has launched the Science Diet Million Pound Pledge to tip the scales in Fido’s favor. Currently celebrating her 10th season of encouraging contestants to strive […]

Adoptable Dog of the Day: Tinsley in North Carolina


Tinsley is a four year-old female Boston Terrier currently in foster care supervised by the Boston Terrier Rescue of North Carolina in Greensboro, NC. Tinsley is classified as a special needs dog due to her having severe allergies. Her condition is under control now, thanks to a strict diet and regular baths with a special […]

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