Winner: Bowser Birthday Club for August


We’re happy to announce the DogTipper Birthday Club winners for August, 2013. Bowser Birthday Club: Our Bowser Birthday Club winner is Maggie, who celebrated her 10th birthday in August. Maggie’s pet mom says that Maggie, “may be turning 11 but she is still a very feisty girl!” Congratulations to our winner and we hope she […]

Winners: Bowser Birthday Club and Birthday Cat Club for July


We’re happy to announce the DogTipper and CatTipper Birthday Club winners for July, 2013. Bowser Birthday Club: Our Bowser Birthday Club winner is Bella who celebrated her 4th birthday in July. Bella’s pet mom says that for Bella, everyday is her birthday! Birthday Cat Club: The Birthday Cat Club winner is the beautiful MaggieMay who […]

Giveaway: December Birthday Bowser Club


First, we have to start this post with our sincere apologies. We are behind on our birthday club posts. Really, really behind. We’ll be making a single birthday club video for October, November, and December but each month will have a separate winner, each winning a set of dog toys and goodies! Why are we […]

Giveaway: November Birthday Bowser Club!


Does your dog celebrate a birthday or gotcha day this month? Please be sure to enroll him or her in the November Birthday Bowser Club!  (October doggies: watch for the October birthday and winner on Nov. 15!) Along with the birthday video and the fun of sharing your dog’s photo, you’ll be entered to win […]

September Birthday Bowser Club Video & Winner!

Kristy 6

It’s (finally) time for our September Birthday Video! (I’m sorry I’m late this month; my trip St. Louis followed by preparations for Wonder Pet Expo and BarkWorld Expo have thrown me off!) The winner of our September Birthday Bowser Club, selected by, is Kristy! Her mom says, “We rescued Kristy when she was a […]

Giveaway: October Birthday Bowser Club!


Who has a doggie birthday or gotcha day in October? It’s your turn to be in the spotlight in the October Birthday Bowser Club! (September doggies: I’m running behind on the video and will be posting the video with everyone’s photo plus the winner on Oct. 15!) Let’s hear from you…if you’ve got an October […]

Giveaway: September Birthday Bowser Club!


Do you have a furry friend with a birthday or gotcha day in September? Then it’s time to celebrate with the September Birthday Bowser Club! Let’s hear from you…if you’ve got an September birthday or gotcha day, please share for the chance to win a surprise package of dog goodies! September Birthdays & Gotcha Days: […]

Giveaway: August Bowser Birthday Club!


Who has a birthday or gotcha day in August? We have a birthday girl (well, gotcha day girl!) in our home: Tiki will be celebrating her fourth gotcha day on August 28! Let’s hear from you…if you’ve got an August birthday or gotcha day, please share for the chance to win a surprise package of […]

Winner: July Birthday Bowser Club


It’s (finally) time to announce the winner of the July Birthday Bowser Club! (Sorry…I got behind this month!) The winner is super cute Neuro, whose gotcha day was July 7. Neuro’s mom says, This little sweetie had a hard start. He had been bitten by another dog and his owners dumped him at the shelter […]

Winner’s Gallery: May Bowser Birthday Club


My Dog’s Name: Hogan Giveaway prize my dog won: Bag of assorted dog toys What my dog thought of the prize: He loved it! My two boys played with the toys till the toys were merely rags. That’s their favourite thing to do! -contributed by Cathy in Ajax, ON If you have won a DogTipper […]

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