Adoptable Dog of the Day: Leia in Ohio


Leia, along with her best buddy, Luke, were rescued from an abusive situation and are now doing well in the care of the National Brittany Rescue & Adoption Network in Kent, OH. Leia was soon diagnosed with congestive heart failure so she is listed as a special needs dog. Fortunately, her condition has been stabilized […]

Adoptable Dog of the Day: Avery in Massachusetts


Avery is an adult male Brittany Spaniel who is in foster care under the supervision of New England Brittany Rescue Inc. in Cummington, MA. It’s hard to find anything negative about this sweet, intelligent, handsome boy. He has a cheerful, easygoing disposition and loves being close to his foster mom. Avery likes to play and […]

Adoptable Dog of the Day: Zara in Wisconsin


Zara is a blind, female Brittany Spaniel under the care of the Blind Dog Rescue Alliance, Inc. in De Forest, Wisconsin. Her blindness may not be total: it is thought that it results from progressive retinal atrophy. Her foster family reports that Zara is a very gentle, polite girl who tends to sleep a lot. […]

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