Pretty Little Liars Star Brant Daugherty Adopts a Rescue Dog


Fans of the ABC Family series Pretty Little Liars may know him as Noel Kahn, but offscreen actor Brant Daugherty has just accepted a new role– that of a real life doting Dad to a rescue Rover. Called Whiskey during his days at Bull Terrier Rescue of Southern California, the three-year-old, 65-pound pup– now known […]

Choosing Top Dog Breeds for Children


We love lists…so we had to pass along this list that we just saw petMD has released of the five top dog breeds for families with children. They are: The Bulldog: Known for its sturdy build, the Bulldog is an excellent choice for families with children who like to roughhouse. A docile, friendly, and loyal […]

Rick Springfield Helps Wisconsin Humane Society


Rick Springfield’s stardom has always been linked to Spots. Rising up the rungs of celebrity with his album Working Class Dog in 1981, teenage girls squealed as much for Springfield’s Bull Terrier, Ron– a Fido whose photogenic features also appeared on the follow up LP Success Hasn’t Spoiled Me Yet–as they did for the singer. […]

Pancho: Bull Terrier


My Dog’s Name: Pancho Age of My Dog: 7 months (In the picture he is 3 months old!) Breed: Bull Terrier What I Love About My Dog: He is a super sweet dog and very responsible! He keeps my house safe and is super loyal! I love my bullie! –contributed by Joana Salgado in Portugal

Quilmes: Bull Terrier

My Dog: Quilmes Wilcox Age: 6 years old Breed: Bull Terrier What I Love About Quilmes: He’s brave and my best friend ever. –contributed by Guitzo, Ilhabela/ Brazil

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