GIVEAWAY: Win Snuggy Boots!


We hope you’ve been following along with our adventures trying the Snuggy Boots to help keep our dogs’ paws protected from hot (hot, hot!) asphalt this summer as well as hot beach sand, burrs, and broken glass. We recently ran a post about protection your dog’s paw pads this summer, and received some email from […]

Win a Snuggy Boots Orthotic & Footwear Suspender System!


Let’s take a moment to think about some of the summer hazards to your dog’s paws. Blistering hot asphalt. Hot beach sand. Grass burrs and stickers. Chemically treated lawns. The list goes on and on. Keeping your dog’s paws safe and healthy basically comes down to one simple fact: if you wouldn’t walk barefoot in […]

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