Why We Always Buckle Up Our Dogs

I recently received an email from one of our community members asking if I thought she needed to secure her dog for short drives around town. She enjoyed taking her dog to run errands including going to the bank drive-in and post office and wondered if we secured our dogs for those kind of trips. […]

The Caring Vet: Ten Tips for Safer Pet Travel

Many dogs love to go riding in the car with their pet parents (most cats are another story!) But whether you are traveling for pleasure or by necessity (like taking a pet to the vet’s office) there are a few things to consider before you hit the road. Below, in “The Caring Vet Column,” Dr. […]

Save on Kurgo Products! #KurgoSafe

Update! Kurgo is offering 40% off to our readers through Sept. 9! Please use coupon code TRAVEL40 at checkout! We so excited to announce that Kurgo is now a sponsor of our DOG TRAVEL EXPERTS radio show! We’ve used the Kurgo products with Irie and Tiki for years; all they have to do is hear […]

7 Things Your Dog Should Never Do in the Car

We love carrying our dogs in the car with us, whether it’s on vacation, a day trip or just to the bank’s drive-through window. But safety has to take priority on every trip, no matter how short. Here’s a list of seven deadly sins that you need to make sure you and your dog never […]

Review: Zerimax Doggie Seatbelt

Product: Zerimax Doggie Seatbelt What it is: Automobile seatbelt extension for dogs Manufacturer: Zerimax, Chicago, IL (Made in USA) DogTipper Review: Some dogs love to ride in cars, some not so much, but all dogs do have to ride with us on occasion. As passengers, dogs are just as susceptible to injury in an accident […]

Bark Buckle UP Offers Free Pet Safety Kit

We’re always on the lookout for dog freebies and here’s one every pet parent should have: the new pet safety kit from Bark Buckle UP. The new, greener kit (you might have seen it announced Saturday on “Fox and Friends” in NYC) is designed to help first responders protect your pets in case you get […]