Want to Adopt a Cat in Your Dog Household? #AdoptACatMonth

Have you ever thought about adding a cat to your dog household? June is Adopt-A-Cat Month®, the American Humane Association initiative to draw attention to the millions of cats and kittens that are awaiting forever homes. Due to “kitten season,” those shelters are more crowded than ever this time of year. As you know, we’re […]

Keeping Dogs Out of the Litterbox

We’ll be the first to admit that our dogs would like nothing better than to have free reign to raid the litterboxes every day. Like kids in the coprophagia candy store, Irie and Tiki would happily dart into the laundry room where we keep our litterboxes for a quick fix any time they got a […]

Holiday Gift Guide: Kritter Kondo

For lovers of small dogs under 35 pounds or cats, the Kritter Kondo offersa great way to get out and enjoy the outdoors without a leash or a fence. This portable fabric outdoor enclosure pops into place quickly so you can take your pet on a picnic, to the park or just out on the […]

Hairballs, Meet Hairy Potter!

Last spring, we wrote about discovering the FURminator for our dogs. Well, this spring it’s our cats’ turn….not just at a FURminator of their own but also for a site of their own. This month, in recognition of National Hairball Awareness Day, we’ve been using the FURminator deShedding Tool for Cats and gathering cat hair…lots […]

Answer Your Cat’s Question Day, Jan. 22

January 22 marks the annual Answer Your Cat’s Question Day, an event start by Wellcat. Just what, you might be wondering, does one do to observe Answer Your Cat’s Question Day? The answer is quite simple. Look at your cat and try to determine what he might be trying to ask you. Although it sounds […]

Holiday Gift Guide: Imperial Cat Scratch ‘n Shapes

Today’s selection in our 2010 Holiday Gift Guide for pet lovers is at the top of our price range but, if you do some searching, you can find the Imperial Cat Scratch n’ Shapes for right around $25. We first reviewed this cat scratching sofa back in July. In our review, we predicted that the […]

FIDO Friendly Launches Dog-Cat Contest

Does your home include a dog and a cat? FIDO Friendly magazine (one of our faves!) is looking for tips on introducing a new cat into your dog household! Prizes: Five of the suggestions will be used in the magazine’s December issue. The five winners will also win an array of great prizes, too, including […]

Ask Dr. Diane: Adopting a Dog that Likes Cats

Dear Dr. Diane, I want to get a dog at our local shelter but I’d like to find one that will get along with our cats. Are there any clues in a dog’s behavior that might tell me if he would get along with cats well or could be trained to get along with cats? […]

Neater Feeder Review

Product: Neater Feeder â„¢ What It Is: no-mess feeding system for dogs and cats Manufacturer: TowerStar Pets, LLC; made in USA DogTipper Review: With two large dogs and four cats in the house, we have a lot of food and water cleanups around here. You know how it is…the food gets dropped into the water, […]

Imperial Cat Scratch ‘n Shapes Review

Product: Imperial Cat Scratch ‘n Shapes What It Is: Cat scratching pad Manufacturer: Arkansas-based Imperial Cat; made in USA Dogtipper Review: Cats are creatures of habit, always following their instincts throughout their daily routines. Even indoor cats, like our four, are closely attuned to natural rhythms which dictate when they want to be fed, play, […]