Pet-Proofing Your Computer

Just last week, we wrote about removing pet hair that collect in our keyboards and in every corner of our electronic equipment (and, let’s be honest: just about every place else in the house, too.) So when we received this infographic from SurDoc about cat-proofing your computer, we realized that many of these tips would […]

Ask Alecia: My Doxie Goes Potty Inside

Dear Alecia, I have a miniature dachshund; her name is Bailey. She is 8 months old; we love her very much and she is a part of our family but house training is been very hard for us. I take her outside, she will go pee, but if she get a little cold she will […]

Around the House: Reader Tips

Recently we asked for reader tips on raising your dog–and you responded with some great tips on all aspects of life with your dog. Today we look at some of our favorite tips on life around the house with your dog. Begin early to teach your dog to eat only from his dish. More dogs […]

Finding Items–After They’re Chewed

Sooner or later, every dog parent will find a beloved item chewed to pieces. Whether it’s a favorite pair of shoes, a purse, or (as in this weekend’s case in our household) a pair of prescription sunglasses, it will happen someday, no matter how well behaved your dogs and how carefully you put things away. […]

Choosing Tough Chew Toys

Dogs are tough on chew toys and some breeds, such as Labs, are notoriously rough on them. Rather than purchase inexpensive chew toys, it pays to invest in heavy duty chew toys that will last. We like Kong toys which come in different durability levels and can be stuffed with treats to create a challenge […]