Adoptable Dog of the Week: Posh in Minnesota

Hi! My name is Posh, just like Victoria Beckham’s alter ego during her days with The Spice Girls. I’ve heard that my all-time favorite 90s girl group might be reuniting– if they need a new Posh Spice, this might be my big break! Actually, while the thought of life in the limelight might be appealing, […]

#PawPromise Adoptable Dogs of the Week: Iggy, Lou

Hi! I’m Iggy and this is my buddy, Lou. We were named after rock music icons Iggy Pop and Lou Reed, and in the words of the Godfather of Punk, we both want to say “I Wanna Be Your Dog!” Taking a “Walk on the Wild Side,” we roamed the streets of downtown Los Angeles […]

#PawPromise Adoptable Dog of the Week: Buzz

Hi! My name is Buzz, and I’m looking for a forever pet parent to love “to infinity… and beyond!” I know that I’m a dog, but ‘snuggle bunny’ may be a better description of me. I’m a laid-back kind of guy who loves love, and I usually make fast friends with kids and other canines. […]

#PawPromise Adoptable Dog of the Week: Twiggy

Hi! My name is Twiggy, just like the famous model from the swinging sixties. I may not get the chance to strut like a supermodel on the catwalk, but I dream of the day when I get to walk into the forever home of a loving pet parent! I’m an exotic beauty, and I’ve been […]

#PawPromise Adoptable Dog of the Week: Mr. Ruffles

Hi! I’m Mr. Ruffles, and I’m in training for the summer Olympic games. I think that I’m a shoo-in to win a gold medal in happy dancing and playing tug of war, and together we could probably win a bronze in the sport of fetch…I like to collect my toys when they are tossed, but […]

#PawPromise Adoptable Dog of the Week: Jay

Hello! My name is Jay, but between you and me I think that a moniker like Magellan or Columbus would be a better fit because I long to be a great explorer. I’m a dog who likes to grab life by the leash, making every trip outside an opportunity to roll in the grass and […]

George Lopez Adopts Rescue Dog

A rescue dog who got the chance to step into the spotlight at The World Dog Awards has won the role of a lifetime as the canine companion to the TV special’s comic host. Now bringing joy and laughter to his proud new pet parent George Lopez (who tickled the funny bones of his Fido-loving […]

#PawPromise Adoptable Dog of the Week: Moxie

The dictionary defines moxie as ‘attitude’ and ‘pluck,’ words that also describe Moxie the Chihuahua mix! A little gal with a lot of get up and go, the four-year-old Fido can’t wait for play time, and she loves to keep her 5.75-pound frame fit with exercise. Along with being an active dog, Moxie will also […]

#PawPromise Adoptable Dog of the Week: Ana

A golden opportunity for potential pet parents to offer a dog in his or her golden years the happiness and security of a forever home, November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month. One sweet senior who is looking for a family to love is Ana, a nine-year-old Chihuahua mix. A love bug who wants nothing […]

#PawPromise Adoptable Dog of the Week: Tango

A four-legged Fred Astaire whose paws dance over the grass whenever he romps in the park, Tango is dreaming of the day when he will waltz around with a forever pet parent to call his own. A 5-pound doggie dynamo, the neutered Chihuahua mix — who is already house trained — is searching for a […]