Tips for Children on Approaching a New Dog

I have to admit: when I was growing up (more years ago than I care to share, much less remember), the rule was that children did not pet strange dogs. Period. It was a firm rule in our household and, growing up, one that most other children I knew also were taught. We always had […]

Ask Alecia: My Dog Bit a Child!

Dear Alecia, Our dog Maya, a 2-year old Bali dog, attacked a 6-year-old child this morning who was playing in our yard (his father is our gardener).  She jumped up on him, arms on his shoulders, and bit his face and neck.  Not a bad bite, but blood was drawn and clearly the kid was […]

Free Printable: Treasure Buddies Maze

As we mentioned in an earlier post, the end of this month will mark the release of a new Buddies movie featuring Rosebud, B-Dawg, Budderball, Buddha and Mudbud on an all new adventure. This “Treasure Buddies” movie finds the Buddies in the ruins of ancient Egypt. With the help of some new friends, including Digger […]

Ask Alecia: Books to Help Children Train Dogs?

Dear Alecia, Are there any books/videos that show how to include elementary school kids in the training process?  Something at the elementary school level? My sister got a dog from the shelter.  When we visit, it is clear the dog can learn.  My sister has also done basic training with the dog (come, sit).  When […]

Ask Dr. Diane: My Dog & My Grandchildren

Dear Dr. Diane, My grandchildren recently moved near us and, for the first time, our dog PomPom (a 5-year-old miniature poodle) is around young children (they are 2 and 4 years old). PomPom does not seem at all aggressive towards the children but they make her nervous. My daughter doesn’t want the children to come […]

Ask the Trainer: I’m Worried About My Dog & Kids

We’ve got another great Ask the Trainer column from Colleen Safford from New York Walk & Train, named “Best of NY” by New York Magazine. Parents, don’t miss this column! Colleen is not just a dog lover and trainer but a conscientious mom as she tackles this difficult question: I have a 3-year-old spayed Boxer/Shar […]