Simple Tips for A Safe Holiday for Your Pets

Today we have a special guest post from dog lover Isabella York: In the holiday hubbub, everything gets a little fuzzy. With all the details to take care of and people to attend to, food to cook, and decorations to put up, we may forget about our furry friends and their well-being. As pets become […]

Ask Dr. Diane: Adopting a Dog at Christmas

Dear Dr. Diane: My daughter (age 10) is already asking for a dog for Christmas. Our 14-year-old chihuahua passed away in February and we haven’t been ready for another dog until now. I know that Christmas isn’t a good time to adopt a dog (my daughter and I both agree we should adopt a shelter […]

Keeping Your Dog Safe at Christmas

As the hours tick down to Christmas, you’ve still got time to make some last minute preparations to keep your dog safe and sound over the holiday. If you’ve got company coming in for the holiday, it’s especially important as others may not be aware of your dog’s special needs. Before the excitement starts, be […]

Choosing Alternatives to a Puppy for Christmas

A puppy for Christmas sounds like the stuff of a happy holiday movie…but sadly it’s one that can result in an unwanted dog after a few short months. Puppies as Christmas presents are rarely a good idea because of the hustle and bustle of the holidays, the heightened level of excitement in most homes, and […]

Majority of Readers Report Dogs in Holiday Photos, Cards

We recently polled DogTipper.com’s readers about dogs and family holiday photos and Christmas cards. Twenty-one percent of those polled included their dog on their Christmas or holiday card and 13 percent included their dog in their family portrait…while 56 percent included their dog in BOTH their holiday card and their family portrait! Only 10 percent […]

Staying Safe Around the Christmas Tree

Christmas trees can be fun for the whole family but–without proper supervision–they can present some real hazards to your dog. Whether you opt for a live tree or an artificial one, both present risks and the last thing you want on your holiday is an injury and a visit to the emergency vet. The first […]

Jingle Cats Return With New Dog and Cat Holiday Album

OK, you’ve seen the decorations coming up and the stores are already in full holiday mode but here’s a true sign of the season: the Jingle Cats have released a new holiday album. Jingle Cats Music has announced the release of a new album entitled “First Meowel” that features real cats and dogs singing the […]

Sit with Santa, Portland, ME, Dec. 5, 2009

Planet Dog Company Store is hosting the fifth annual “Sit With Santa”, the Planet Dog Foundation’s popular annual fundraising event to help them support canine service organizations. Both kids and dogs are invited to have their photo taken with Santa; one image will be provided at the event and the others will be available to […]

Holiday Tip from Cesar Millan: Don’t Give a Puppy

This week we’ve been passing along holiday tips from the “Dog Whisperer,” Cesar Millan, about your dog and the holidays. As Christmas fast approaches, here’s a good tip about puppies as gifts: I don’t recommend giving a puppy as a holiday gift. I strongly believe that the whole family needs to have basic knowledge about […]

Holiday Tip from Cesar Millan: Watch For Holiday Dangers

This week we’re covering holiday tips from the “Dog Whisperer” Cesar Millan. Today’s advice is good not only for those whose own dogs have access to their Christmas trees and holiday goodies but for those whose holiday visitors might be bringing dogs. Cesar says, Beware of hazardous holiday items. Ingested poinsettia plants cause dogs to […]