Today’s Hoda Kotb Adopts A Rescue Puppy

A rescue puppy is looking forward to a bright tomorrow thanks to his new pet parent, Today co-host Hoda Kotb. After meeting 10 potential tail-wagging chums (all from PAWS Chicago and other rescue organizations on PetFinder) the Dateline NBC correspondent fell in love with a 5-month-old Cockapoo whose life on the streets led first to […]

Ashley Judd Helps Abused Dog

An abused and abandoned dog has found his way into the heart of Missing star Ashley Judd. Still wearing his collar and the stake which had bound him to his previous residence, Walter was recently tossed from a moving vehicle and left to die in an area of the Whites Creek community in Tennessee, where […]

Freddy & Sammy Love the Thousand Oaks, CA Dog Park

My Dogs: Freddy & Sammy Breed: Cockapoo Why Favorite Place to Take My Dogs: No doubt about it, the doggy park is Freddy & Sammy’s favorite place in Thousand Oaks, California. Why: This doggy park has a place for small dogs and for large dogs. Freddy & Sammy’s favorite thing to do is chance after […]

Dogs of the Day: Cosmo & Luke

My dog’s name: Cosmo and Luke Ages: 3 years & 8 Months Breeds: Portuguese Water Dog & Cockapoo What I Love About Cosmo and Luke: The individual personalities and the unbelievable smarts they both have. Contributed by Skibum in Canada

Piper, Cockapoo

Who: Piper Age: 3 Breed: Cockapoo What I Love About Piper: His personality — contributed by Gray, Oshkosh, NE