Today’s Hoda Kotb Adopts A Rescue Puppy

A rescue puppy is looking forward to a bright tomorrow thanks to his new pet parent, Today co-host Hoda Kotb. After meeting 10 potential tail-wagging chums (all from PAWS Chicago and other rescue organizations on PetFinder) the Dateline NBC correspondent fell in love with a 5-month-old Cockapoo whose life on the streets led first to […]

What’s New: NY Abandoned Angels Rescue Tees

Abandoned Angels Cocker Spaniel Rescue, Inc. (AACSR) dba NY Abandoned Angels Rescue, a Queens-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue and re-homing of Cocker Spaniels and other dog breeds in need of loving forever homes, has partnered with SocialPakt to help raise awareness and funds for local dogs in need. Between June 11th and […]

George Clooney Talks About His Shelter Dog

As one of the world’s most beautiful people, George Clooney may be accustomed to admirers falling at his feet, but when the movie star fell head over heels for a shelter dog his fear of possible rejection prompted the paparazzi magnet to secure a place in the pup’s heart by literally offering the dog a […]

Torchwood Star John Barrowman Promotes Virgin Atlantic Pet Travel Service

As Captain Jack Harkness he’s traveled through time and space, but in real life Torchwood star John Barrowman can’t use a vortex manipulator or hop a ride with The Doctor in the Tardis. The actor boards Virgin Atlantic whenever he flies, and in a promo for Sir Richard Branson’s airline the actor explains that one […]

World’s Best Pet Parent Contest Enters Voting Period’s World’s Best Pet Parent Contest has entered its finalist voting period and we’ve had the chance to meet TWO of this year’s finalists! This contest is a biggie: the grand prize winner will win $10,000 to winner’s choice of animal shelters, the runner-up will win $5,000 and 10 honorable mentions will each win $1000 […]

Oprah Winfrey Enjoys A Day Out with Her Dog

Although it was touch and go for little Sadie earlier in 2009, the spunky cocker spaniel was able to bounce back from her bout with the parvovirus thanks to the dedication of Dr. Alexis Newman and the healing thoughts and prayers of Oprah Winfrey’s fans. The picture of health today, the precious pup delighted in […]

Dooney: Cocker Spaniel, Papillon, Pekingese

My Dog: Dooney Age: 2 years Breed: Mixed What I Love About Dooney: She is so sweet, she was a rescue, we got her when she was 8 weeks old. Now she is a therapy dog for two hospitals, she loves to cuddle with the patients, she is very gentle with them and so, so […]

Piper, Cockapoo

Who: Piper Age: 3 Breed: Cockapoo What I Love About Piper: His personality — contributed by Gray, Oshkosh, NE

Gabbie and Trinket, English Cocker Spaniels

Who: Gabbie and Trinket Ages: 7 / 6 Breed: English Cocker Spaniel What I Love about Gabbie and Trinket: I love their energy and spunk! — contributed by ordisw, Eagan, MN

Pete, Cocker Spaniel Mix

Who: Pete Age: 5 years old Breed: Cocker Spaniel MixWhat I Love About Pete: how kind he is : )— contributed by Paige, Florida