Win A Seasonal Subscription of The Proper Puppy Collars!

Earlier this month, we ran a super popular giveaway for a gift set from The Proper Puppy that I know many of you entered. (Congrats to Melissa T., the winner!) Now we have ANOTHER great giveaway from The Proper Puppy for a seasonal subscription of collars! Every season, your dog could receive a collar that’s […]

Pet Pro Profile: Jack Wright of Woofwerks

Today in our continuing series of Pet Pro Profiles, we meet Jack Wright, founder of Woofwerks. You’ll remember we reviewed the Woofwerks Leather Dog Collar here a few months ago. (Woofwerks is now available at Surfpet…and don’t forget that DogTipper readers can use the coupon code dogtipper at checkout for a five percent discount and […]

Measuring for a Dog Collar

Those of you who’ve been following DogTipper for a while know that last winter we went through a real collar craze around here when our dog Tiki learned to chew the collars off our other dog, Irie, in what could have qualified for world record-setting time. We were on a collar-buying roll for a while […]

Looking for Alternatives to Dog Tags

Dog tags are a great way to identify your dog and help others return him to you if he should ever get lost. However, traditional dog tags, which hang by a small ring from the dog collar, can sometimes be hazardous. Does your dog routinely stick his head through your fence? A dog tag can […]

Selecting Organic Dog Collars and Leashes

Are you looking for a new leash, collar, or harness for your dog? You’ll find plenty of options–but many aren’t very eco-friendly. Many of the options are taxing on the environment. Nylon is often made from petrochemicals. Leather is not animal friendly, and the chemicals used to process and dye it can be toxic. Metal […]

Turning a Children’s Belt into a Dog Collar

Those of you who follow our Twitter feed know that we’ve been going through dog collars as fast as dog treats around here lately. Our dog Tiki is chewing Irie’s dog collars in half. We don’t want to have to go to a chain or studded collar but the chew rate has us looking for […]

Making Your Dog’s Collar More Visible

Does your dog’s collar disappear beneath a cloud of dog hair? We had that problem. Our medium-haired dog, Tiki, always wears a collar…but you’d never know it just to glance at her. We tried brightly colored collars but they still worked their way under the hair on the ruff of her neck. Next, we tried […]

Putin’s Dog Receives GPS Collar; Should Yours?

Russia’s Prime Minister Vladimir Putin received a GPS collar for his black Lab, Koni, this week. The global positioning satellite system is still not fully operational in Russia but will be by the end of the year. In the US, however, the GPS system is fully operational and several companies offer services to track your […]

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