365: Nighttime Visitors

Today has been a rainy day so my photography has been curtailed. With our continued drought, we need the rain desperately, so no complaints here! But I have some fun shots from our game camera to share. Our infrared camera took these shots earlier this week.  I love seeing the wildlife that comes by at […]

Wordless Wednesday: Coyote Cam Catches a Fox!

The other day we told you about our new game camera and we just found out we got some fun photos of a fox in the woods just behind our house! It looks like another member of the canine family has been enjoying our dog walking trails!

Introducing Coyote Cam!

We have a new toy. This is our new infrared game camera. As you know, we live in the country in a very wild area that’s pretty much surrounded by a preserve. We have a lot of wildlife out here including foxes, deer, armadillos, lots of rabbits, opossums, wild turkey, raccoons, and (new in the […]