Ask Alecia: My Dog Breaks Out of His Crate!

Dear Alecia, My 100-pound lab has broken out of both crates I have bought for him. I try to make it a happy place for him, and at night while I’m in bed I leave it opened so he can just lay in it and chill out. I don’t lock him in it at night, […]

Helping Your Puppy Become Accustomed to a Crate

As we continue National Train Your Dog Month, we wanted to share a video from Debbie McKnight, training expert for PetSmart (where our Irie was trained!) This video helps illustrate how you can get your puppy accustomed to a crate, using his natural “denning” instinct to keep him from going to the bathroom until he […]

Ask Dr. Diane: My Westie Pup Barks All Day!

Dear Dr. Diane, We have a 10-week-old female Westie who hates the crate and when we leave for work she barks (I think) all the time. At least my neighbors hear her barking from outside. When I come inside she is so shook up and barks uncontrollable. I bought a spray that is suppose calm […]

Ask Alecia: My Dog Broke Out of His Crate!

Dear Alecia, My son has a large mixed breed (60 lbs @ 8 1/2 months) named Duke. Duke is no longer bothered by the static shocks from his collar, and has ran off a few times. He got neutered and micro-chipped about 5 weeks ago, and was doing better, but is acting out again. So, […]

Ask the Trainer: My Dog Goes Potty Indoors!

Hi Alecia, About a year and a half ago we added Bo to our family. He is a rescue dog and was 8 when we adopted him. He is such a blessing and brings so much joy to us but he still struggles with learning to not go to the bathroom inside the house (both […]

Crate Training Your Dog

Today we have a special guest post on crate training from the experts over at The most important thing to remember when it comes to crate training your dog is never do anything that makes him reluctant to go in his crate. The crate should always be a pleasant place, and only nice things […]